Legit site??

By VegasCanada,

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I just booked through AanHotels.com, found it through the travelaxe program, but never received a confirmation email, and when I call thier number there is no answer, just keeps ringing.

I am wondering if this site is legit or is it a scam? Should I call my credit card company and tell them to refuse the charge seen as it has not been put on my credit card yet.

I have never dealt with this site, usually deal with Expedia.ca, and the other big name ones. I am just hoping I didn't get scammed or something here.


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While we welcome both positive and negative experiences, please keep in mind that the spirit of this message board is helping users.

If you have a complaint, problem, or question with a recent or upcoming Priceline/Hotwire stay, we will be happy to do what we can to help, but please be considerate of the board's primary goal of helping others and first post the details of your 'win.'

It is important for everyone to know when problems and customer service issues arise, but the majority of the users come here to see winning bid information... so please oblige them with this information before asking for them for help.


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I made a reservation through aanhotels.com and had to cancel. I have spoken with them several times and instead of them returning my money, they ask me to make a reservation at a later time as I would lose $30. Now I cannot find the company or whoever bought them out. CAN ANYONE HELP ME??? They owe me over $177 and I can't afford to lose that. I've called (no answers EVER), I have sent mail twice and it was returned. HELP!!!

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