UK Priceline registration?

By drmarkf,

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To the OP, you can register at Priceline UK.

On a similar note, looking at a board similar to TOBB but for PricelineUK, I was wondering if any US people have had luck registering on Priceline UK and Priceline HK. Like this board, it seems as though some good hotels come up on Priceline UK that don't show up on Priceline US.

I was also wondering if there is an advantage to Priceline UK and bidding in Pounds rather than using Priceline US and bidding in Dollars.

I am finding the moderator on Better Bidding is a mich nicer moderator than the one on TOBB.

Keep up the good work.

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I know WillTravel uses the non-US sites often and will likely comment.

Personally, unless there is a a major promotion going on, i don't use them (and haven't to date). I consider myself to be pretty good at math, yet i've been in foreign countries and managed to not correctly figured out the cost of a jacket with the conversion rate :) ... so i'm not going to bid for a hotel room in foreign currency when it's non-refundable, non-cancellable, etc. There's also a cost to consider of your credit card company to convert to the other currency.

As well, the inventory is different, and i wouldn't want to get some hotel that was readily available on a foreign site but not known since 99.9% of reported wins are from the US site. No Priceline company is known for outstanding customer service, but i also think it would be more difficult to correct any problems from the US if i had bid thru the foreign division.

For me, when i weigh all the above i'd just as soon go the simple route than take chances to save $4. I figure in a situation like that cost and risk of me making a mistake outweigh the potential savings.

Just my own .02, perhaps people that to foreign travel more and/or are used to the other currency feel differently, but i just have this fear of bidding 700 'shekels', thinking it's $50, and then finding out it's more like $500!!

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There's no advantage to using the UK site in most cases, at least for non-UK bids. One reason to use the UK site is if you have a non-US Visa card that won't work with Priceline US. I read at cleverbidding.com that currently Priceline seems to use an unfavorable rate of exchange for pounds versus dollars. But if you only have a non-US Visa, the difference in total price will only be slight anyway.

One situation where it *might* be advantageous to use the UK site is if you are bidding for a UK hotel. I think (although I don't know) that UK hotels enter their Priceline rates in pounds on the Worldspan site. So theoretically, you might be able to get a spot-on bid for a UK hotel if you are bidding in pounds. I know that at least some hotels in other countries enter their Priceline rates in Worldspan in their local currency.

The Priceline Hong Kong and Singapore sites are good to use when they have bonus money promotions. Their customer service seems to be better than Priceline US. In some instances, their service fees are more than Priceline US and sometimes less. These two sites both use a fixed fee of about $8 or $10 US (last time I checked, and going by memory).

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I am also quite "cheesed off" about not being able to bid on priceline's US site, as the UK site only has NYOP for hotel rooms. There has been no explanation as to why they stopped allowing you to bid for car hire since early 2003 (and flights since 2002). Last time I was in the US (2002) I hired a car in LA through Priceline and it was great. I was really looking forward to trying it again this year, but instead I'll have to hire it dirct from 'Budget'...

Maybe one day Priceline.com will accept non-us Visa cards...

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I want to bid using Priceline Singapore, for a hotel room in Singapore. My credit card address is in USA. Am I stuck with Priceline USA or is there a way around it. Thanks.

You should be able to use Priceline Singapore. Try going through the bidding process. There shouldn't be a problem.

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Resurrecting this thread to ask about bidding for UK hotels -

I'm having no luck with inventory for Birmingham (City Centre, 3* & 4*) on the US Priceline site.

Will Priceline UK have different (and hopefully more) inventory?

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