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  1. Started with $45 and increased bids by $5 using rebid zones. Booked 2 rooms at this price.
  2. My 1st bid and they accepted it. May be I should have started lower. Anyway I am very pleased. 1 Night 8/222/07.
  3. I bid for a 2.5* at $45 and got this Holiday Inn Miami International Hotel. Reviews do not look very good, but the price seems very low. So I am happy.
  4. The hotel I received was not the Wyndham Palace, It was Wyndham Orlando Resort (Near Universal Studios)
  5. Started with $35 and kept increasing it by $5. After I won this hotel I read the reviews here and was very disappointed in my win. After checking into this Hotel, I must say I am very happy with my win. I do not know why others have negative comments but I got a very clean and spacious room in a resort setting. The entire resort looks neat and clean.
  6. Couldn't get Hyatt again for $90 so dropped to 3* and started with $40 and kept increasing by $5 untill it was accepted. Last January (2005) I got this hotel for $50. Obviously prices in Tampa has gone up.
  7. Started with $50 and kept increasing it by $5 until it was accepted
  8. Started at $40 for a 4* at LAX. Upped the offer $5 and rebid with new locations until I won Westin.
  9. Try asiarooms.com. I have used them many times. Considering taxes and breakfast is included in their prices you can not beat them. They have many hotels to choose from.
  10. You could have booked this hotel for $118 with all taxes and breakfast included. I travel to Singapore couple of times a year, and I find booking elsewhere is better than priceline. This is a very good hotel, by the way.
  11. Bid $65 for 4* at the airport and was denied. Increased bid to $70 and added Downtown, and won Hyatt Harborside at the airport. Excellent hotel buy. Travelocity shows $310 as the lowest price. I booked 2 rooms at this rate. Very happy with the win.
  12. Not very happy with this win. I was hoping for the Marriott. My original bid was for Marina Bay and was hoping to get Pan Pacific. Started bid at $50 for a 5* in Marina Bay, rejected. Increased bid to $55, rejected. Droped to 4* and increased bids (not in one day) upto $65, rejected. Added Orchard Rd and increased bid to $70, but didn't realize 4* was greyed in for Marina Bay and Orchard Rd. I wanted the 5* Marriott which others have gotten for this price. I am not sure I would have gotten the Marriott for $70, but I kick myself for overlooking the greyed out 4* selection.
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