Off-Topic Area... members only or lurkers too?

By thereuare,

Should an Off-Topic Category be added or is "Questions and Suggestions" sufficient? If a new category, should it be viewed by Members Only or Lurkers too?  

25 members have voted

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Another cool feature at BetterBidding, huh?

The following quote by fly_up_front in THIS POST prompted this poll:

I think posts like this help build BB into a community.

Any thought of creating just a general category where most anything could be posted (similar to OMNI on Flyertalk).

I have a feeling such a category would be the most heavily visited here. Making it only accessible to members might boost membership.

Just a thought.

Personally, i think the community (yes you!, member and lurker alike) that is developing here is fantastic.

Everyone seems willing and eager to help others and is able to do it without being mean, rude, or condesending in the process.

My opinion is that this is a great idea and "the vote" above will reflect this. The question is whether this should only be viewable by members or should lurkers be allowed to view this area as well?

If you have more to say on this subject besides casting your vote above (or have other suggestions), feel free to REPLY to this thread.

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Yes... another very cool feature. My first bit of off topic news is to mention that I'm now among the elite community of "TOBB Banned Users". I'm just so proud I could burst. had not even been visiting TOBB except to lurk once in awhile when the needed depth of info was not available here. I long ago stopped posting my winning and losing bid info over there after getting bi#*ch slapped too many times for no apparent reason.

I was organizing my links folders today and clicking on all to ensure which were still accurate - sure enough - I can get right into other EZBoard community forums where I participate but not that one. Another winning strategy to win friends and influence people - tell them they're less than competent when they visit and then lock the door when they're out :)

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Another thought on adding an OT section here... the friednly discourse that already exists here would likely carry over to such a forum section. Seems to me that the folks who are active here are Web surfers and bargain hunters by nature. Some of those interests sill over into so many other areas it woudl be ncie to have such a discussion area. it may well brin some lurkers out of the woodwork or get some occasional visitors to return more often and begin more actively contributing.

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At user requests, we have created a new forum: Run Of House

Hotels use the term 'run of house' for rooms that aren't assigned until check-in, so it seemed appropriate as this new forum will be for anything that doesn't fit into another category, unrelated travel talk, or anything else that is on your mind.

BetterBidding has not yet had its first anniversary and we have already built a fantastic community which continues to grow. Many of us at the board consider each other 'friends' and i have even had the pleasure of meeting a few of you while you were in town. This "Run of House" forum should help further foster this community atmosphere.

Feel free to have open conversations and discuss whatever you want.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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