Recommendations for a good romantic getaway deal

By princessile,

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I'm cash-strapped and would like to obtain a good hotel deal for 2 nights (Saturday and Sunday) in October. I have a very good deal on a flight ticket to any place in the 48 states of the US. So if I can get a good hotel deal, I would be forever grateful. Just want to getaway for a romantic weekend.

Pls let me know. I'm absolutely clueless.

Thanks in advance.

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So if I can get a good hotel deal, I would be forever grateful

It depends on what your definition of good deal is. Does it just mean cheap, like a $26 dollar a night in Jacksonville, FL, or do you mean a good value, like getting the Hotel Coronado in San Diego for only $175 dollars instead of it's usual $380 price.

I think any city can be romantic, cities with a beach in California or Florida, or a night life like New York or Las Vegas, or just remote and quiet with fall colors or beautiful scenery (the Black Hills, Yellowstone, and the Great Smokey Mountians come to mind).

Give us a little more idea of what "deal" and "romantic" means to you, and I'm sure we can give you lots of good ideas.

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Thank you for your comments.

Yes I'm cash strapped and therefore I'm looking for a great deal, one that's as cheap as possible. So I would naturally be ecstatic for a $35 a night (or cheaper) for a 3 star hotel, for a weekend (2 nights, including Saturday). I think I would love to be right by a beach or somewhere as a romantic getaway.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

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while you could go anywhere in the Continental 48 states, you might not want to be on a plane for 5 hours or make connections for that matter, airports generally don't put me in the mood. :) You don't want to be exhausted from travelling, right? :)

From what city will you start your trip? Are you limited to a specific airline? You really need to provide a budget per night, $35 might get you into an Extended Stay America along the Interstate and $300 won't get you into a 3* in Midtown Manhattan.

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Thank you for all the help so far. Very grateful.

dhammer: Excellent suggestion and question. I'm leaving from Philadelphia. No limitation to specific airlines. Definitely dont want to spend my weekend in an airplane.

Budget? I'm so broke, it's not even funny. But I do need this getaway so bad. I've put it at $300 for the trip as of now. That puts me at around $150.00 a day. It would be great to have an inexpensive hotel for a good deal and then have the rest of the money for some luxury like a spa or something.

Any suggestions will be very valuable. Thanks.

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San Francisco comes to mind as a romantic destination city.

I would second San Francisco. There are a large number of boutique hotels there that would be perfect for a romantic getaway in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. I was there for a weekend recently and got the Harbor Court for $68 and loved it. Public transportation is superb, so you can easily do without the expense of a car.

As someone living on the East Coast, I find flights to the West Coast enjoyable. The time usually goes by quickly with some good music and a movie, and with the time zone difference, you only lose 2 1/2 hours on a 5 1/2 flight. Returning on a red eye allows me to spend the whole last day of the trip out there, and I'm sometimes nearly startled to wake up to an arrival announcement after what seemed like maybe just an hour spent in the air.

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San Francisco can be a bit cold going into October, But weather in Orlando or Miami should be very nice that time of year and plus it's only a 2.5 hour flight vs. a 5 hour flight, if that matters to you.

I'm not sure you even care if you are in the city at all and since you mentioned the beach, it sounds more like you want to get away from the City. From Orlando, there are quite a few beach communities on the coast Daytona Beach has 3* hotels on the beach with Ormond Beach and Palm Coast as rebid zones where you can stay and you can use priceline to bid and hopefully land something in the $45-$85 range per night for 3*, giving yourself a weekend getaway that's not too far and not too expensive.

If you feel more like SoBe, then South Beach in Miami will cost a few more dollars more, but definately more beautiful people and lots of clubs and stuff to visit if you think that's romantic. Bid 3* South Beach with North Miami and SW Miami as rebid zones starting at $70-$110?? per night, and you'll have the hip SoBe getaway.

2 other places that come to mind, but are a bit more remote, so you'd need to rent a car...

Kill Devil Hills in the Outer Banks of Virginia (Newport News, VA)

South Padre Island by Corpus Cristi, TX

Let us know where you decide to go...

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