Priceline Hotel: 3* Newark (Jersey City) Hyatt Regency

By pauldb,

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Noticed the Hotwire rates had fallen (100,100,190), and then saw the similar winning bids here so I though this great deal would be a sure thing. Hyatt rates 229,169,199.

But I've failed at $62 & $65 for 8/24-27, and at $65 & $70 for 8/25-27. I was happy to bid just Friday and Saturday knowing I could pick-up Thursday on HW if all else fails, but I'm reluctant to bid Thursday & Friday and be stuck without Saturday night (though I could move to Midtown).

I see blindman was successful for Saturday and was then able to "add" Friday. Could this work for me even though I've had Friday & Saturday rejected. Seems unlikely, or is it a quirk of PL I'm not aware of.

Thanks for any help you can give me. If it works, maybe we should all meet for a beer in the lobby! But not if you're going to boost about getting it a dollar or two cheaper than me. :)

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Mmmm interesting dilema

I'm no expert :D

Looking at the Hyatt web-site the Friday looks still OK for a $65 'win' (guessing) as Hw has it for$95

The Hyatt Saturday is slightly higher and the Thursday higher still.

Hw (for me anyway) has the Thurs or Saturday at $185.

Could be that the $65 rate for Saturday has gone and the next break point is $75.

Once you start bidding at $75 you could get the Doubletree (what are the rates here?)


Depending on your attitude to risk and where you need to be on Thursday:

Check if HW has the Thursday at a reasonable rate.

Bid for Friday night only at $65 and if you get it add a night after and hopefully you'll get an offer for Saturday for $75.

Buy the HW rate for Thursday.

Risky :)

Bid for Thursday + Friday at $75 hoping that the Doubletree doesn't come up and then try to add Saturday :)

If you do get in, buy me a beer and I'll not talk about how I got it for $65 :o

See you in the bar? :)

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Could you explain "add a night" to me. I assumed they offer it if the next/preivous night is available at the same price, but are you suggesting they'll offer it at a good but slightly higher price if that's the available rate. Or do you bid again, knowing that your just aiming at the same hotel.

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Having just look at HW again, I'm now getting Thurs and Friday at $95 with Saturday at $185!

So maybe worth bidding for Thurs and Friday at $65 then if unsuccessful $75 (you may get the Doubletree)and then adding a Saturday night for hoepfully a similar price.

Or wait 'till thereuare adds his sage advice :)

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I don't mind splitting the bid in the hope of getting the Hyatt, with a risk of getting the doubletree for the last night, but if you're suggesting there's little chance of the Hyatt on the last night I'd rather move to Midtown (assuming the one night would be in the $120-140 range).

The full story is we're driving down from Cape Cod on on 8/24. That night looks to be expensive in NY so one option was 1 night in Stamford, CT then two cheaper (hopefully) weekend nights in Midtown. If the Hyatt is available for the three nights at a good rate, that would be better, but 2 nights in JC and then moving back to NY might not be worth the hassle???? Any local knowledge would be appreciated.

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I was not able to book 8/26 for the Hyatt with my first bid. I decided to try and split bids, and bid on 8/27-30 on PL and got the Hyatt for $75 and the add on for Saturday night was something like $175, which I rejected. Then I kept checking Hotwire throughout the next two days until the price dropped again for Saturday night 8/26, and then bid on 8/26 at $60, rejected, added Elizabeth and $65 and got the Hyatt.

Good luck!

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but what happens if they stay the same or go higher?

I know I'm taking a chance, but as I say I have two ways of going this trip. Hopefully I won't find both options closing at the same time.

So on that basis I think it's worth seeing what happens in the next few days.

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it appears that HW rate for Thursday 8/24 is now $228, Friday @ $100, Saturday @ $197. PS, it appears that the 2.5* Amerisuites in Secaucus is available for $94 for all dates thru HOTWIRE, just steps from the NJ Transit Bus. A bit less convenient than Jersey City, but more convenient than Stamford IMO....plus you get breakfast....you can make your own waffles :)

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I'm local to the area but don't fully understand your parameters and options as i see you mention Stamford, Jersey City, and NYC... not really sure the determing factor for each.

Sorry thereuare, I'd missed your comment. We driving down from Cape Cod and I was asking if, instead of (1) three nights in NJ, it would be a decent plan to (2) stop the first night in Stamford and then get the Metro to NYC and stay there for two nights. Three nights in NYC would be too expensive, but (2) would only be a litle more than (1) and might be worth it to be in the middle of NYC.

Of course it's a bit of a pointless question at the moment. With the Hyatt looking unlikely, I tried (2). From Hotwire 8/24 in Stamford should be okay, but I bid up to $150 for 4* MTE & MTW 8/25-27 without success. I'll keep trying, and watch the Hyatt, and if all else fails try 3*s. We're not fussy, but like getting a good deal.

I've had a great run with PL/HW in the past, but this trip is proving difficult. I need a room in Toronto during a 20,000 visitor AIDS conference, an August Friday night in Niagara, and this stay in NYC. On the other hand, I've got stays in Boston and Plymouth, MA sorted.

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Danger! Danger!

It's time to book a cancellable/refundable backup somewhere! Your strategy has so many permutations, pretty soon, you could end up with no place to stay, having been caught up in bidding frenzy.

Even if your backup is the Amerisuites in NJ or someplace in Stamford near the Metro North... You're beginning to run the risk of having no where to stay.

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Thanks for your continuing help. Don't really fancy the Doubletree.

I've made a cancelable booking at the Holiday Inn Wall Street for $144, Friday and Saturday, and will keep trying Midtown to $150. And watch out for low Hyatt JC rates if I can get the 3 nights.

Any thoughts on staying Downtown at the weekend? I could switch my rez to the Crowne Plaza UN (under renovations) for $169.

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I've just checked HOTWIRE and their rates for the Hyatt for the Thursday\Friday nights are $96. (Saturday is $189)

Why not try for these two nights on PL at $65\$75 and if you get them then try to add a night?

Keep the bid to less than $75 and you may miss the doubletree.

If you're willing to spend $160 downtown then if PL comes back with $less for the Hyatt you may think it's worth it?

Even so you don't have to take the 'Add a night' straight away, you have up to 30 days to do so.

You could always book the Hyatt conventionally for the Saturday which is cancellable.

I'm still after the free drink :)

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That's great news!

Congratulations on your win!

Thank you for sharing it with the board and for starting your bids with the PRICELINE links at SavingsBarn.com

Enjoy your stay... you'll be in good company :)

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YEAH! It was a tester but...

Accepted for all three nights at $65 (HW dropped to $96). Surely the best deal going. Bid through SavingsBarn. Thanks again!

Not sure if I can claim any credit for your win :) but well done.

I assume you've read the Hotel Reviews and picked up on the tips there.

PM me if you want any other info.

Mines a beer, the wife likes chardonnay :)

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as you're local, I wonder if you might be able to help me out with a query. At the moment, we are dropping our rental car in Stamford, CT and getting the metro to Grand Central. Is it then easy to get to the Hyatt via subway or PATH or should we just get a cab (will have 2 suitcases and a bag).

Alternatively, what's it like driving to Jersey City from Conneticut. Do you know how long would it take from Stamford (we'll plan to arrive around 6/7pm, which probably isn't ideal)? I understand the Hertz in JC is in the Hyatt's lot so that would work very well.

Alternatively, is there anywhere north of NYC we could drop the car and get a more direct train to Jersey City? I don't mind a diversion into New York state or New Jersey if it's a good idea.

Many thanks!

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From Grand Central (GCT) to a PATH train you can take the subway, but there is a (free) transfer involved from one subway line to another... it's do-able but wouldn't be fun if your bags/luggage are heavy and it's rush hour. Can should be about $8 and should be easier... but depends how much $8 is worth to you (vs. the $4 for two on the subway).

Google puts the distance at 1hr 10 minutes, but also sends you across the George Washington Bridge, which can be a NIGHTMARE during rush hour. I would probably have 3 different routes planned if you intend on driving and then listen to the radio to figure out which one is best (an alternate route, i'm not sure, might be to take the Tapanzee Bridge-->Garden State Parkway-->Rte 3-->Rte 1&9-->Jersey City). This would certainly be more milage, but could actually be moving instead of bumper-to-bumper traffic (YES!!, it can be that bad crossing the GWB).

Click on the map of this NJ Transit Page to see the NJ train lines (which also go into NY). Any line going into Hoboken would be VERY easy.

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Sounds like driving could be difficult, and I didn't realise how cheap a cab would be (makes the whole deal even better), so I think we'll stick the the Stamford plan. I kind of like the idea of arriving first up at Grand Central anyway.

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