Priceline Hotel: 3* Orange County (Disneyland) Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort

By epicureangirl,

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Bidding for my sister, 3* Disneyland. Cheapest 3* on Expedia was $90 for that time period.

Started at $45 for Anaheim

added Anaheim Hills $48

added Mission Viejo $51

added Seal Beach $54

closed browser and started again

Anaheim $55

Anaheim Hills $56

Stopped. I told her she has lots of time, and we can try again in a few days as things are constantly changing. I'll keep my eyes out for some successful bids (and failed) to help me out.



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I hope the rates do get better, but my sister knows the risks but wants to secure her hotel at a great price. I encouraged her to find a back-up reservation so she wouldn't feel so much pressure to get a 'win' on priceline.

Today I tried up to $60 for her, and still no-dice. If they did get sick and had to cancel they would be out $300 (if they get the hotel at a good rate). But right now, they don't have a priceline booking or any booking for that matter!


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No, I didn't know that, and I'm sure my sister didn't either. Do you (or anyone reading this) think she should still wait until closer to the date, or should try and book as early as possible? I have no idea how an event of that size (not sure of the size actually!) will effect the room availability/prices on Priceline.

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I'll get her to find the backup reservation. She's looking at other discount hotel sites, but there's usually penalties to cancel. She wants something cheap, under $60, so I'm pretty sure she'd have to drop to a 2* property with a regular reservation. The thought of a vacation with the kids in a 2* personally terrifies me, as I've been shocked by some of the hotels that pass for a 4* these days. :)

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Bidding on behalf of my Sister, 3rd try was the charm, along with a higher Max.

Started at $55 (Disneyland) failed

added Anaheim Hills $60 failed

added Laguna/Mission $65 failed

added Seal Beach/Huntington $70 accepted.

Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort

1915 South Manchester Avenue

Your Offer Price: $70.00

Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 5

Subtotal: $350.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $53.41

Total Charges: $403.41

The tripadvisor reviews are great, a newer property so she's pleased. This hotel does have an advance purchase rate of $72, so it is no great savings over that rate. However, she probably wouldn't have even found that, as the 3rd party sites always show refundable rooms which are close to the rack rate.

Everyone is happy. I'll try to get her to write a review when she gets back and get some digital photos for your 'real photos' page.


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