is i4vegas.com legit?

By lew,

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Why don't you post the dates of your stay and exactly what your finding that you seem to think to be a good deal... we'll then be able to evaluate it and comment further.

I was interested in general information concerning that particular consolidator/site

11/17 to 11/21

Flamingo is 120 120 80 80 vs 135.42 135.42 90.28 90.28 through Easy Click

Aladdin is 189 189 89 89 vs 243.38 243.38 84.3 84.3 through Easy Click (off the record)

The rates look good but I get nervous using a consolidator without any solid information.

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Although we often refer to EasyClickTravel, we sometimes don't, as they don't always have the best price (no single website does) for any given nite. EasyClickTravel actually works best during times of peak or strong demand.

If you compare the rates you quote above, they are the same rates that you would get directly from the Aladdin's website or from the Flamingo website. I suspect that the majority (if not all) of their rates are avaialble elsewhere and/or directly from the hotel website.

So while i can't say anything regarding the legitamacy of above site, why bother when you can do better booking directly from the hotel, since the hotel doesn't charge a cancellation fee and also doesn't charge a booking fee (as the above website does).

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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THANKS, I thought those rates were a little low for a weekend night. I know EasyClickTravel doesn't always have fantastic rates but I thought they'd be at least as good as the hotel itself. I normally use the hotel rate calendar to quickly check rates but it's too early for that.

I'll try to find your link when I book.

edited to say for my last LAS stay I used your link to book TI but it looks like you don't have an affiliate link for the Flamingo. Sorry I can't help.

Any recent experience of the Flamingo vs Ballys? I'm going to skip Aladdin due to possible construction issues.

I'll probably book Flamingo and then consider PL when it gets closer but I suspect the Venetian will be much more expensive than I want to pay.

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Just a suggestion that you may want to always look at the casino hotels' own websites for pricing beyond just that of travel sites. Harrahs' hot Deals (www.harrahs.com/hot-deals) often beats the travel sites' rates or at least allows you some creativity through its Best Rate Guarantee program. The advantage is you end up with a standard, cancellable with full refund of deposit reservation (up until 72 hours before arrival).

Forf the Best Rate Guarantee program, you do have a few slight hoops to jump through. I.E. any Harrahs property booked on its websites (properties now include Caesars, Ballys, Paris, Flamingo as well as Harrahs, Rio). Harrahs will not only match the rate but also give you an extra 25% discount. Catch #1 is that you must provide documentation within 4 hours of your initial reservation, and that it must be a screen shot of the travel website's rate's payment screen verifying the rate's availability. Catch #2 is that your first night deposit will remain on your credit card, and the a refund of the difference between the booked rate and lower rate will not be given until checkin (same with the rate). Catch #3 is that, if a multi-night booking, your entire stay's average rate will be adjusted, not just the higher priced nights. Having said that, twice I've gotten a really cheap night when I jumped through the aforementioned hoops (Ballys $36.50, Harrahs $44)

As for your dates, so that you get the best possible rate (and book it, with flexibility of maybe later Hotwire or Priceline bids), the Flamingo hot Deals rates are 185-185-70-70. Because the 3rd and 4th nights are cheaper than i4Vegas, I'd book them as one reservation/conf #. Then I'd book the 1st 2 nights # $185/night, submit a Best Rate Guarantee claim within 4 hours, and when it's accepted your rate for those nights will be $96/night ($120 from i4VEgas minus 25%). Pretty shrwed huh? Only drawback is that you will pay two deposits, one for each reservation but again they're fully refundable.

Hope this helps.

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