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  1. I just booked the Dolphin, 9/20-921 $109. I used https://www.revealhotels.com hope you some kind of benefit from hotwire Reveal hotels didn't identify the hotel. When you select room type Double bedding is an option. AFAIK the Dolphin is the only 4* hotel in that zone which offers double, instead of queen, beds. They also use the same terms for room view as is listed on Marriott's website. Not sure if you can incorporate that into reveal hotels. At least in Orlando resort fee also helps to identify the property
  2. Groupon is offering a 4* hotel in Times Square, identity revealed 48 hours after the deal ends. The program is run through Expedia. I'm drawing a blank. Rates start at $159 Rated 3.5 by trip adviser, 3.9 hotels.com and 4.1 by Expedia. Some cut and paste: it’s located right in Times Square and within an easy walk of other New York attractions, including Grand Central The hotel’s standard guest rooms look out onto the Manhattan skyline from floor-to-ceiling windows, and superior rooms have better views from higher floors. Both have marble bathrooms and high-thread-count sheets, among other luxurious amenities. Before heading out for the day, enjoy a full breakfast buffet featuring smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, and waffles, available for purchase at the hotel’s stylish restaurant and lounge. In the evening, the lounge serves a light café menu of sandwiches, salads, and New York cheesecake. Concierge services Restaurant and lounge Fitness center Marble bathrooms Laundry facilities WiFi (extra fees) No smoking and no pets One queen bed or one king bed Standard occupancy: 2 Maximum occupancy: 2 Adding occupants above standard: not available Platform beds with custom headboards WiFi available (fee) Floor-to-ceiling windows 3.5 on trip adviser isn't all that great. Most of the hotels rated in that category include free internet. I spent more then 30 minutes trying to figure out the identity. I've come to the conclusion some of the information must be fudged. Either the hotel is rated slightly higher then listed or the internet may be free.
  3. Done--I didn't think people would be interested in a post which stated I decided not to use PL. A possible resort fee would have wiped out all or most of my savings. I always use your link when booking PRICELINE or HOTWIRE. The hotel is now $106
  4. I wound up staying at Caesars via emailed promotion.
  5. 3* Restaurant, Business Center, Fitness Center recommended 90% 4.0 travel advisor rate 107
  6. Many hotels in Las Vegas charge extra for a third person in the room, even if the third guest is a child. Some hotels even charge if the third guest is an infant in a crib. Check the polices at the hotels that have been recently won in the zone and * level you'll be bidding. Bidding on 2 rooms might make more sense.
  7. For a reservation in June MGM is disclosing a resort fee of $20.16 (including tax).
  8. Too early for me to make a non-cancellation reservation. 1) I'm going to book a "backup" reservation at either Caesars or MGM. Do you have an affiliate relationship (link?) for either? 2) Hotwire (used your link to check) is showing $94 for a 5* N strip. resort fee about $20, casino, fitness, pool, restaurant, business center, high speed internet, golf, tennis, spa Any idea how much lower PL might be and how many weeks (days) before my stay might produce the best rates? I have no interest in using PL for a 4* property. PL fees and resort fees will offset enough of the savings. Not willing to accept an "opaque" booking that can't be changed or canceled for the amount of savings. For the 5* N strip property I know my resort fee will be $17-$20.
  9. thereuare--I don't know if it's something new but the resort fee is disclosed if you click on see details and then click on learn more next to this resort charges a resort fee. In some areas this makes it very easy to identify a property. I'm sure you know this but I can't see where this information is posted.
  10. You're bidding for 4 nights. It's not realistic to expect a resort hotel will have PL availability for $65 for 4 consecutive nights. There aren't that many different 3.5 hotels that show reported wins, particularly at your price point. Probably the couple of 3.5* hotels that sometimes offer PL at your price point don't have inventory available to PL. You might want to see what kind of deal you can get conventionally. You run the risk of a resort fee and/or parking charge with PL. Book conventionally and you can avoid those fees. You might even find a property that offers some kind of free breakfast. Also try hotwire. Did you check Disney value resorts? Why don't you check rates for the 3.5* hotels that have recently been reported? Check each night individually. Post. My opinion. I generally bid at a higher * level with PL then I'd book conventionally. There are probably a number of 3 and even 2.5* hotels that would be acceptable to you. The problem is there may be a couple of PL hotels in that * level that wouldn't be acceptable. Buena Vista Suites has a current rate of around $90, check for internet specials (every Thursday). That rate includes breakfast. Check places like Comfort. edited to add I checked Embassy Suites (LBV) is showing $113.05 for your dates. You may need to keep checking. BTW some hotels (Hilton in NYC) have "priceline rooms" Rooms that are "substandard". I don't know if ES has such rooms but if they've aleady sold their "priceline rooms" for your dates you'll be out of luck.
  11. The HOTWIRE shuttle icon doesn't guarantee the hotel offers a shuttle 24/7 or that the service is complimentary. OP is arriving late. A PL 3* hotel that's in the "real" airport zone is likely to offer complimentary shuttle 24/7. Some of the lower rated properties don't always offer round the clock shuttles. Some cities PL is generous with the airport zone. The PRICELINE map will give you some inication if PRICELINE is being "creative" with the airport zone. I'd use PRICELINE.
  12. Jul 10, one night, to early to bid. My flight departs at 7:30a. I'm flying to Canada, Continental advises getting to EWR 2 hours before the flight. Luggage must be checked in one hour before the flight and I have to be at the gate 30 minutes before. I can't trust the shuttle from the Penn Station Hilton, a couple of posters had issues with it. By the time I pay PL/Hotwire fees I might just book something like the Courtyard conventionally. I'll check here and use whatever links are applicable. I might give the Elizabeth zone a shot Normally I'd use PL/Hotwire to get a higher rated property for the same price as a lower rated property but in this case the lower rated property is preferable. Free breakfast is worthless, I'll be leaving before it's available. edited to add Thereuare--I don't think Hotwire is the solution. Unless I'm missing something the Hilton at Penn Station, the Hilton at EWR and the Marriott at EWR share the same amenities. I checked that prior to my first post.
  13. The Hilton Gateway hotel in the EWR zone but located near Penn Station (Newark) is rated (by PL) 3.5 *. The same rating as the Hilton near the EWR and the Marriott. This hotel isn't really an airport hotel, although they offer hourly shuttles. This hotel won't work for me a $15-$20 cab ride will wipe out much of the savings. I have to be careful bidding, a 3* hotel could get upgraded to this hotel. I'll probably either skip PRICELINE or bid closer to my date but cap my bid at something that's unlikely to be upgraded to a 3.5* ($50?). Can't use PL if one of the hotels, particularly one that's coming up, is unacceptable. Double check my information then update the hotel list.
  14. Bid 2 1/2 * and was upgraded to 3*. Bid through Savings Barn, I also bid this less than 24 hours ago, maybe 23 hours. I'm not sure what the real policy is. Lowest rate on Shearaton's website was $230. Based on limited time and limited rebidding zones I didn't try to low ball the rate. I can't edit the title, hotel was in the Fort Lauderdale (FLL) airport zone.
  15. I wound up using PL, I'll post details in that section.
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