RETIRED: New Zone Boundaries, Star Levels, Name Changes?

By ilander,

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Thanks to Frankie's post, I can see that there is no longer a South Bank - Vauxhall zone in London.

Part of this zone appears to have been amalgamated into the Westminster zone which now extends quite a bit south of the Thames (the Westminster zone used to just barely extend over the river). But part of the SB-V zone is gone (and I think the Comfort Inn Vauxhall is no longer a possibility, but I'd have to do more map checking).

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thereuare, this is what I would do.

Erase the London (South Bank - Vauxhall) heading.

Add Comfort Inn Vauxhall to the London (Westminster) list, but with a question mark or something indicating its status is uncertain. I think it's outside of the new Westminster zone, but I'm not 100% sure.

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What has become of each property? Are they vacant buidlings now or have they sold to another owner?

They are going to build condos there.

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I complained to Hotwire about the 3.5 * rating for the Town and Country in San Diego Mission Valley. They notified me that they had reassessed the hotel and downgraded its rating to 3*, and gave me $25 hot dollars for each of the 3 nights I had stayed there. This is also great news because it now makes the Doubletree in Mission Valley much more identifiable, and should make the Doubletree come up more often. They used to interchange the two hotels, as they had similar amenities.

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Just a reminder that the Priceline hotel list for Washington DC is still showing a non-existent zone "AIRPORT (DCA)" - as far as I know, this zone is actually the Crystal City zone.

Also, be aware that there are two full-service Marriott Hotels in Crystal City (about three blocks apart) the Crystal City Marriott and the Crystal Gateway Marriott.

Thanks for your hard work and efforts in our behalf.

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Welcome to BetterBidding!

You are correct. I think these were both properly classified when reported, but it appears that Priceline has recently redefined the boundaries of these zones.

I know board member TravelGuy (others as well?) know this area well and perhaps can confirm that indeed the zone boundaries have been redrawn. If anyone knows the area well please let us know if there are other hotels in the White House-Downtown zone which need to be moved to the Georgetown zone (or any other changes).

Thanks for the update, i have made the necessary changes to our hotel list.

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Hi all,

It may already have been noted, but has Priceline changed its zones for Toronto Canada? Seems to me the Don Valley zone is much different and the Vaughan - North York zone now takes in the top of what used to be the Don Valley zone.

If you want a hotel in the north east of Toronto you are sort of stuck because you might end up getting something that is over by the 400 instead of something closer to the 404.



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