RETIRED: New Zone Boundaries, Star Levels, Name Changes?

By ilander,

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RE Park Plaza (Radisson) downgrade:

The following was posted on the NOLA Jazz Fest chat board:

...I had put in 3 stars in the CBD and in the past had gotten the Hyatt, but this time I receieved the Park Plaza and thought I was stuck. When I saw that the Park Plaza had been downgraded to 2 stars, but my confirmation said 3 stars, I contacted Priceline about this. After about 15 mins. on hold with them they came back and told me they couldn't put me in another hotel, but they were issuing me a refund and that I can now re-bid.

Good news for those looking for Jazz Fest accomodations.

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Regarding existing reservation of Seattle Hyatt 5* being downgraded to 4.5*:

Thanks for the update!

You know you can get your money back for this stay since you purchased a 5* and it's now a 4.5* :)  <lol>

I didn't know that, but called Hotwire to check if there were any options to 'compensate' me for the downgrade. At the time I booked, there was a 4.5* available for less money.

They offered to rebook me for the currently listed 4.5* (with no guarantees it was the Seattle Hyatt) after cancelling my existing reservation OR to credit my account with $25 Hotwire bucks. I took the credit and am VERY pleased with their service. I don't know if this is, or should be posted elsewhere, but I think it's worth it to bring things to the customer service department to see if they can resolve or compensate you when problems arise. I certainly am happy with what they did for me.

Thanks for letting me know about the money back possibility -- I never would have called them without your comment.

Cheers. :)

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Good find!

Thanks for the update. (from what i had heard it did merrit a 4* rating... although location was just a bit away from mainstream. This will probably make 4* bidding in MTE a bit 'safer' for those that wanted to ensure a central location.

Thanks again!

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Wow! It looks like Hotwire has decided to re-do some of the zones around the Orlando area. Most noticably, the Walt Disney World zone is now split into the "Disney Main Gate - Champions Gate" zone and the "Lake Buena Vista - Downtown Disney" zone.

I'm not sure what the effect will be. Interesting...

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Posted today: DISNEY SWAN

(your husband can't help with the request above :) )

Actually i haven't looked closely at the zones yet, so the hotel may indeed be outside of the shaded region (it's rare, but geographical errors have occurred before with each of the opaque services). Hopefully will have time tomorrow to look at it further (and could still use some help)

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Zone: San Francisco (Union Square East)

Crowne Plaza Union Square

Amenities: Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business

is now a 3.5*.

Thank you!

(and welcome to betterbidding)

the areas have been changed all around boston

Thanks, we'll try to get to this during the upcoming week (still haven't gotten to the Florida Hotwire changes)

If there are any Boston experts that can help sort, confirm, re-zone properties please send me a PM.

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Just a note...

The Adam's Mark Jacksonville changed flags last night to the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront. $10M Renovation is starting right away. YAY!

I wonder what it's like to check into the Adam's Mark on Thursday night and check out of the Hyatt Regency on Friday? I bet most guests had no idea. Kinda funny...

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