RETIRED: New Zone Boundaries, Star Levels, Name Changes?

By ilander,

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I reported the Stanford Court on this board. When I got it last time (prior to the zone consolidation), I went back to look at the map, and Priceline drew a big loop to include the whole intersection at California and Powell. It was very obvious if you knew to look for it. Now the eastern border of the Union Square West zone does not cross Powell until south of California.

Also, my old bid now says "Union Square West" when I look at it under My Trips on Priceline.


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In Los Angeles, the West Hollywood zone, formerly part of Hollywood has now been merged with the Beverly Hills/Westwood zone. The only hotel I can confirm making the switch is Hyatt West Hollywood-now in WH/Bev Hills/WW zone. Very annoying when they merge zones like this!

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I believe the list above needs to be corrected where these would be the correct entries:

4* Rosen Plaza Hotel

Amenities: Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business Center, Laundry

3.5* Rosen Centre Hotel

Amenities: Resort, Shuttle, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Golf, Tennis, Spa, Childrens Activities, Laundry


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A BIG thank you for clearing this up. Going thru the reported Hotwire wins and sorting it all out has been on my list of things to do but i just hadn't gotten around to it... thank you very much for taking care of it! (as well as poining out the confusion in the first place!)

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Looks like there has been some changes in Orange County as well... (Anaheim-Disneyland) is now separted into Anaheim Hills and Disneyland... i'll have to see if any others.

It appears that nothing in our list needs to get moved to the "Hills" section but if anyone is familiar with the area and can confirm the list as it now appears it would be appreciated.


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Priceline has broken out Lower Manhattan/Financial District/SoHo/Tribeca and now has two zones:

South Street Seaport-Financial District

SoHo - TriBeCa Area

The (4) properties listed under New York City (Lower Manhattan) in the Priceline hotel list would all be in the SSS/Financial District zone.

There are definitely times when I would have wanted to stay in SoHo/Tribeca but not the financial district, so this split is definitely good news!

The new zone is not a rebid however as there are most certainly 4* properties that priceline is working with in the new zone.

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On Flyertalk, someone posted about the Westin Grand in Berlin being listed in the wrong zone. I just checked my bid acceptance page (the bid was done in February, and I just stayed there from July 18-23) and the zone is now listed as East. In February, I did the bid in Tiergarten-Ku-damm zone and a previous printed page shows that was indeed the zone. So Priceline has corrected this problem, and the Westin Grand is now in the East zone.

I would only recommend bidding in the East zone, based on the maps, as the other zones extend way out. Even the East zone is pretty large. But a 4* bid in the East zone should be safe.

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Thanks, i've updated our lists.

Please keep an eye on this one for us.... if i understood the thread correctly Priceline inteneded it to not be in the East zone but drew the shaded region of the map incorrectly. I suspect in the next days or weeks we may see the map redrawn to meet their original boundaries.

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The current division makes geographical sense, although Priceline hardly uses that as a defining consideration!

Another change I just noted when pulling up the current bid acceptance pages as opposed to the printed pages - the Holiday Inn Heathrow Ariel is a 3* hotel now, not a 4* hotel. I totally agree with this downgrade. I'd still stay there, but it is not a 4* hotel.

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The Victoria Airport zone is back on Priceline. It now allows up to 3* bidding, which it didn't before. I haven't figured out what the 3* possibility might be.

Hotwire seems to have a new Victoria zone: North Victoria - Saanich - Esquimalt. This is in addition to the Downtown Victoria zone (not sure if it was called that before or not).

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I checked an old bid for the 3* Red Lion in Modesto, CA and discovered it's been downgraded to 2*. The highest bidding level in Modesto is now 2.5*. With 3* bidding no longer available, this also means the Doubletree has either been downgraded, or no longer participates w/Priceline.

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