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  1. Radisson Admiral Hotel Toronto-Harbourfront
  2. Was that a $111 bid or a $90 bid that works out to $111 including all taxes and fees? You have $111 in your subject, but then you said you went up in $5 increments.
  3. Well, I haven't gotten it yet for my dates in January, but this is what I know: It is the only 2.5* that has been reported in the Chesnut Hill/Brookline zone. I saw someone else got it for different dates for either $54 or $56. I think it is the 3* that comes up in Hotwire in the Chestnut Hill zone. Courtyard's seem to be 3*, and the Courtyard says it is near tennis and it has a pool, and those icons show up in Hotwire. I have bid up to $62 for my dates in Priceline, but no take yet. However, it only shows up in Priceline packages for a subset of my dates, so I am starting to think Priceline does not have it for all my dates, or at a higher rate for some nights. Hotwire ranges from $66-70 depending on its random generator, and I am trying to decide if I should do all the nights, or just one night and see if it is really the Courtyard. The regular rate at Courtyard for my dates is $129/149. Hotwire is $82 for the 3* for your dates and the regular Courtyard rate is $179. The problem with 2.5* is no free rebids, although I have been using the Back Bay zone, as that would be an ok location as well, and tends to run more expensive anyway. I think the 3* Boston Common is the Park Plaza. That has some mixed reviews I think. BillJ
  4. I am looking at the COURTYARD in Brookline in a similar situation. Just a block or two from the green T line, and ~10 minute ride to Hynes. BillJ
  5. Amenities: Suite, Near Beach, Casino, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness Center, Complimentary Breakfast, Kitchenette, Business Center, Laundry We had a hard time deciding which hotel we wanted to target through Priceline. Once this came up in Hotwire, we bought it there since we were very interested in getting the Embassy Suites once we knew we could get it. BillJ
  6. Nutshell: Really liked this hotel and would be happy to get it again. We were able to check-in at ~10am. Front desk staff were nice. Asked for a king, non-smoking room as high as possible. Got 1416, which was just 2 doors down from the elevators and around the corner from vending/ice but heard no noise. Rooms overall were well insulated against noise. Room had a good sized entranceway, a nice sized closet, a storage unit with drawers and the tv, a desk and chair, and another upholstered chair. Only down thing with the furniture is that there is not a separate table suitable for eating. Bathroom was large with a lot of counter space. The carpets in the rooms and hallways are stained with age, but not falling apart. I thought that my feet seem to shed a bit more dirt when I got in the shower each morning, so I was wondering if the carpets were not as clean as could be. Various corners of the room were not pristine, but I did not feel that the room was dirty. For the rate, size of the room, and location, we were willing to forgive this. Hotel is an excellent location with subway stops adjacent to the hotel and several more stops just a few blocks away. We stayed at the Hilton before, which is just a few blocks away and did not like the location as we felt isolated. However, at the Park Central we felt it was easy to get around and find things near the hotel. The new Columbus Circle mall is open with an excellent Whole Foods in the Lower Level and an Associated Supermarket was just a block north on 58th. BillJ
  7. We stayed there for one night this past Labor Day weekend. We needed an extra night and I happened to find a $122 rate on the Sol Melia website and we were curious to try the Paramount. Had bid up to $115 or so with no success, and I was willing to pay a few dollars more to see if I was treated more human. We arrived around 10pm and our reservation was for 2 doubles. We were given 1 queen (we did not argue or care as long as it was not 1 double), but they did not have non-smoking rooms per se. We were on a smoking floor, but they said the room would be ok and they could send up an ionizer if it was not. The room was not smoky, as long as we kept the A/C going. Otherwise, the smoke seemed to waft it. I think I read that the rooms are 150 sq feet. We estimated the room itself was 9x12, with a small closet and a small bathroom. Shower only (where the curtain did not reach the edge) and little space around the sink (which always bothers me.) Bed was nice in my opinion. 2 small nightstands, small table and 2 chairs (did not think the proportions matched for these), and a vertical storage unit for tv and minibar. We could have stored items in the minibar, but overall the storage unit was in our way. It was fine for 1 night, but we could not see doing more, especially with the 2 of us. We would probably try to avoid this in the future, although we are off the Midtown West zone in general. We moved to the Park Central next and preferred that a lot. BillJ
  8. I have stayed at the Allego and it does have a staircase, although I do not know if I would consider it grand. It is large though. The staircase comment does not show up right now, so I am not sure how it describes it. I have looked at a room at the Burnham and do not remember a staircase in the relatively small lobby. The Allego lobby is 1 story above street level, hence the staircase. If you really want the Burnham and have AAA, you might want to book directly. They have a $129 AAA rate so that will work out to about the same as a $122 Hotwire rate. Currently this is what I am doing for a November stay where Priceline has not been cooperating. Plus we really wanted to stay at the Burnham after we looked at that room. The Burnham has the most amazing/huge windows. BillJ
  9. There was an article in the NYTimes this week I think that said a couple of thousand rooms in the convention blocks were released back to the hotels. BillJ
  10. The Regency seems to be on a run for $68 bids lately, so I decided to go ahead and bid and get it over with. With this, I will have stayed at all 3 of the USE Hyatt's. BillJ
  11. They have removed the Boutique rating in the Chicago Loop zone which would affect the Allegro, Burnham, and Monaco (although the later 2 have never been reported here.) The Allegro is 3* via packages. BillJ
  12. Bid this yesterday. Was trying to get the 3* Marriott East Side again (which has been appearing in packages), and figured that I could use UM-CPS as a rebid in this range since another user got it for $149 for 9/4-6. I think this will be ok, but still frustrated that I can never repeat a hotel for myself, and had also wanted to stay on the East Side again (but trying to avoid the Millenium). Had bid $112 in this zone earlier this week, and $114 was my 3* MTE bid before this. BillJ
  13. The bid prior to this was $40. There was a 3.5* through Hotwire for $58, so that was the basis for the bidding and it ws probably the Crowne Plaza as well. BillJ
  14. The hotel is the Holiday Inn Select Atlanta Capitol Conference Center. This was a last minute bid this afternoon for more people that I do not know. Hotwire had a 4* for high $70's/$80 and we only had one rebid at 3*, so started at $60, I think. Now I am not sure as we tried many different combinations in different orders. Edit: I am all about the typos lately. This stay is 6/7-6/9. BillJ
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