RETIRED: New Zone Boundaries, Star Levels, Name Changes?

By ilander,

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Not sure what you did to figure the above out but it's good info!

Keep in mind though that there are usually more than 3 comments per Customer Favorite hotel and they are often rotated. So while the inclusion of a comment regarding balconies indicates it's most likely the Hyatt, the exclusion of any comments about balconies does not rule out the Hyatt (since the comments about balconies may just not be showing for that particular search).

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I checked several dates and ran across a customer comment that mentioned the balconies. You are absolutely correct about Hotwire using a variety of different comments. If you're lucky enough to see one that mentions balconies on the date you're researching, you'll be just one step ahead of the game.

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Not sure where to post this because it's not a star level or zone change, but rather amenity changes. Feel free to move it wherever you wish!

Thanks to the vacation package, I've noted the following amenity changes:

Mirage - Now listed as a Resort property. Still 4.5 stars. Amenities are....

Resort (new)





Hi-Speed Internet (new)

Business Center

Golf (new)



Harrah's - Still 3.5 Stars. Amenities are...





Golf (new)


Note: Business Center no longer appears

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NYC Upper East Side no longer has 4* bidding so potentially another re-bid zone. Only known hotel in this area was the Stanhope Hyatt so either they stopped participating, or more likely, requested to be downgraded to blend in with other hotels at the 3* level.

If they requested to be downgraded they may have just as well pulled out of the program. Their rates are likely to be much higher than other 3* hotels in the zone, and therefore they'll only have the potential to 'win a customer' when a user overbids the zone!

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I think this is new, but I'm not 100% sure. On Hotwire Vancouver's downtown area is now divided into three:

Downtown Vancouver Entertainment District (north of the bridges, east of Burrard and extending east to the Georgia Viaduct)

Downtown Vancouver South (appears to be south of the bridges from Granville to Kingsway)

Downtown Vancouver West (north of the bridges, dividing line seems to be Burrard)

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Is San Francisco dividing the Union Sqare area a new devlopment?

There used to only be (Union Square-Embarcadero) but now it appears that there is:

1) Union Square East - Embarcadero

2) Union Square West

Any members that know the area well and can help figure out which hotels in our list should remain in the USE-Embarcadero area and which should be moved to the USW zone would be greatly appreciated.

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The change just occurred today. When I checked yesterday, it was still one big massive zone.

Union Square East - Embarcadero

4* Grand Hyatt

4* Hyatt Regency Embarcadero

4* Marriott

4* Omni

4* Park Hyatt

4* Westin St Francis

4* Renaissance Stanford Court

3* Sir Francis Drake

Boutique Moser

Boutique Juliana

Boutique Harbor Court

Note: The downtown hotel list says there are both 4* and 3* Hyatt Regencys. There is only one downtown Regency and it's the 4* Hyatt Regency Embarcadero. I suspect it's on the list twice because it used to be rated 3 * but was upgraded to 4 *. This shouldn't be confused with the 3* Hyatt Regency in the SFO Airport zone.

Union Square West

4* Hilton

4* Renaissance Parc 55

Boutique Serrano

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The new Disneyland Vicinity zone comes up when you enter Anaheim. It looks significantly larger than it used to be. I think it's part of Anaheim, part of Garden Grove, and part of Orange. I think it used to be called Anaheim - Disneyland (based on the fact that Priceline HK usually shows the old zones and doesn't pick up the changes right away).

If this works, look at these links:

http://tickets.priceline.com/hotels/Lang/e...nemaps/3634.gif (new zone)

http://www.priceline.com.hk/eng/hotels/ima...nemaps/3634.gif (old zone picture, which Priceline HK is still using)

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The Renaissance Stanford Court is in the 'new' Union Square West zone. (Should have never been in the West zone back when they were separate before anyway.)

San Francisco Hilton is also West

Boutique Villa Florence would be East

Mosser Victorian is East


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Sorry, I simply forgot to add Villa Florence. I edited my original post to include the Hilton and Moser, but not before you read it. You're FAST! The Hilton I referred to is the same as what you call "San Francisco Hilton". Also the Moser is the same hotel as what you call the Moser Victorian.

The Renaissance Stanford Court is a toss up. It physically lies at the southwest corner of Powell & California. Looking at Priceline's Union Square West map, you'd think it lies in the West zone. The only reason I reported it as being in the East zone is because the last time Priceline separated East from West zones (Powell St was the border then as it is again now) someone at TOBB reported a winning bid for the Stanford Court in the East zone. It's just too close to call, in my opinion.

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