RETIRED: New Zone Boundaries, Star Levels, Name Changes?

By ilander,

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I have read that Homewood Suites is no longer on Priceline for Trenton-Princeton Area.

You may want to check that and delete your listing of this property under 2*

If correct, that only remaining 2* in this zone is the much lesser quality/value Extended Stay America


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I was looking at the new orleans zone map and the hotel list and it appears they may have merged some zones. I didn't see a business district zone. There was only a downtown zone.

I can confirm that - there is now the one Downtown-Convention Center zone. This and the French Quarter are the only zones with 4* so there are 5 re bid zones for that star level...

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There's a new Priceline zone in San Francisco! It's called "Lombard Street Area" and it only goes to 2*. Now we've got a free rebid for 2.5* in the other zones, which I don't think San Francisco has ever had before. Good news, even if you never want to stay on Lombard Street.

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FYI: I've been watching the San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf area for a few weeks, seeing if prices on Hotwire will come down for a trip in July. Typically, a 2.5 star hotel comes up in the Fisherman's Wharf area offering continental breakfast, fitness center, business center and wireless internet. Others have identified this hotel as the Holiday Inn Express, Fisherman's Wharf. Recently (last couple of days), a 3* hotel comes up offering these exact ammenities, but no 2.5 *. This is either a new hotel, or I'm guessing that they upgraded the Holiday Inn Express to 3*.

Someone else may want to do some research on this and see if they get the see what I'm seeing.

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The 3* Pleasanton Plaza Hotel (Oakland Eastbay/Pleasanton-San Ramon) is now the Pleasanton Marriott.

This property displays in a Priceline vacation package search for April 15-17, so I suspect we will see it come up at some point under the name-your-own-price product. The vacation package rates it 3 stars.

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Per a Priceline vacation package search in San Francisco May 10-May 15, the 4* Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf has been downgraded to 3*.

Although the Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf was the only reported 4* hotel in this zone, it should be noted this zone still offers 4* bidding. I presume the remaining 4* hotel in this zone is the Argonaut (Kimpton Hotels).

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For quite some time Priceline's Emeryville-Berkeley zone (Oakland-East Bay) has only offered bidding as high as 2.5 stars. While preparing to bid another zone within the Oakland/East Bay area, I noticed not only 3 star but also 4 star bidding now available in this zone. I suspect the 4 star property to be the Claremont Resort in Berkeley, which has long appeared as a 4 star property in Hotwire vacation packages. I researched a number of dates on Priceline's vacation package to see if a 4 star property would appear, but nothing yet. So the Claremont Resort remains a strong suspect, but can't confirm.

As to 3 star bidding within the Emeryville-Berkeley zone, all of the current 2.5 star properties on the hotel list are still listed as 2.5 stars in Priceline's vacation package product, so none of them have been upgraded to 3 stars.

The Concord-Lafayette zone has long been the only zone offering 4 star bidding in the Oakland/East Bay territory, so this change within the Emeryville-Berkeley zone eliminates one free rebid zone when bidding 4 stars in Concord-Lafayette.

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