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  1. Going for 5 days during spring break. The New Orleans Marriott is asking $259 a night, and is identified on PRICELINE EXPRESS for $166 a night (8+ rating, 3200 reviews). Bids of $75 and $80 failed. Accepted at $85 a night. This is a good zone to aggressively bid a 4*, because the quality is quite high across all 18 or so qualifying properties. You won't get a mis-rated dump.
  2. Offered via PRICELINE EXPRESS at $55. I started bidding at $45 and increased by $1 until they took it at $50.
  3. This rate is ridiculous because it is during the Great American Beer Fest in October 2017. 4 star properties are all over $300 a night, so I don't know why the Magnolia was offering PRICELINE bidding inventory.
  4. The cheapest week of the year to get a hotel room in St. Louis. 4* Hyatt and Westin were both asking $109 and were $56 on PRICELINE EXPRESS Started bidding at $45, added $1 with every free bid. $51 accepted.
  5. Bid for a second room for a relative on different dates. $51 on the first bid scored the room.
  6. PRICELINE EXPRESS with Pets Allowed, Free Internet, Business Center, Fitness Center
  7. Started 4* bidding at $100, went up in increments of $8 with free bids. Got the Westin for $124. Best PRICELINE EXPRESS price for the property for the past week was $131, and retail rates are running $207-259 depending on the source.
  8. PRICELINE EXPRESS, $67. Not much more to say. It's the former Best Western, recently updated. Great bargain for a parade night.
  9. ERROR IN HOTWIRE FOR HOTEL CONRAD The amenities matched the Trump, but I ended up with the Hilton Conrad. The confirmation page for the winning 5* bid even noted that it is a 4.5* hotel. 5* Magnificent Mile Area - River North Free Internet Fitness Center Self-Service Laundry Pet Friendly Restaurant(s) Internet Access Smoke Free Rooms Business Center I called Hotwire and they admitted that the rooms were submitted at the wrong star level and offered a refund. In the meantime, they told me not to rebid for a 5* Chicago hotel for a week while they fix the coding.
  10. First bid accepted. Note: betterbidding has this listed in the Waikiki Beach region. I bid City Center because I was expecting the Hilton.
  11. Bid up to $120 on Price.line for 4.5* with no luck. Offered on PRICELINE EXPRESS for $130, plus $20 resort fee. I paid $300+ for this hotel in the past, so I am a very, very happy shopper.
  12. I thought I was getting the Sheraton Riverwalk, but I received the (rather poorly reviewed) Floridan Palace. I paid $108.
  13. Started bidding at $13/day for full and standard size. Countered every time with a $25/day offer (lowest retail price was $29/day through Alamo). Increased bids by a dollar until $18/day for a full-size was accepted.
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