RETIRED: New Zone Boundaries, Star Levels, Name Changes?

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Could it not be that property Ex Park Hyatt now Le Meridien? Or do they not participate in Priceline?

I suppose anything is possible, however I'd be surprised a luxury product as Le Meridien would be sold on Hotwire. I researched a number of different date options, and in many cases the 4.5 was coming up cheaper than the 4 star Hyatt Regency Embarcadero or Omni. That never happened when the 4.5 was the Park Hyatt. I guess the mystery won't be solved until someone buys the 4.5 property and reports it's identity.

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I'd try the 4.5* but I already booked the 4* Omni for $130. I know the 4*'s in USE are going for $75-$90. $120 for a 4.5, whatever the hotel chain, wouldn't be too bad. Maybe a little extra service for the extra $30-$40.

Googled "Le Meridian Hotel San Francisco", and found that indeed the Park Hyatt is now Le Meridian, a Starwood property.

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San Francisco Hotwire changes, per vacation package search for 6/27-6/29.

Nob Hill: Intercontinental Mark Hopkins - 4* (up from 3.5*) - No amenity changes.

Union Square East: Crowne Plaza - 3* (down from 3.5*) - No amenity changes.

Embarcadero: Hilton SF Financial District - 4* (up from 3.5*) - No amenity changes.

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I see on the forum's list of Priceline hotels for Myrtle Beach, SC there is listed a Radisson and a Sheraton Convention Center. The Sheraton took over the Radisson -- some of the signs in the garage still say Radisson but it's now Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel.

I wanted to add a review for the Sheraton but where do I post that?

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It looks like the La Quinta Baymeadows in the Jacksonville-South zone has been downgraded from a 2* to a 1*. It now shows up in the non-opaque Priceline listing as a 1*. Do they ever have different ratings in the opaque area than in the non-opaque area?

I stayed at this property in March and I would not be surprised by a rating downgrade. The rooms open to the outside, but they do have a free cont. breakfast.

This property may now come up for us 1* bidders if the Homestead/Extended Stay properties are full.

BTW - There is another "new" 1* La Quinta in this zone. The Baymont Inn in Mandarin is now a La Quinta. The Baymont had been reported won on Priceline as a 1* elsewhere.

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I was looking on hotwire for 11/15 to 11/18 in Chicago and I saw a 2.5 star in the Loop with the same ameniites as the essex inn (and a rare combo of rest/pool/fitness/tennis/business)

That combined with the fact that you noted was previously a 3 star , then a 2 star on your current list. Just wanted to let you know I think it has been moved up to a 2.5* :)


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There is no longer 4-star bidding in Waikoloa -- it goes from "resort" to "3 star." The only 4-star option was the Marriott, which has been undergoing a multi-year renovation, that I understand is nearing completion. I wonder if they've been upgraded to "resort" now. Until we get reports, be careful, as you might get surprised when bidding in the resort category for something like the over-the-top Hilton Waikoloa. In years past, the Marriott has been about $45 less than the Hilton.

The other change seems to be the Kona now has a "resort" category. I believe this is the recently opened (2 years ago) Sheraton, which is several miles south of Kona (the map now seems to include this area). A decent hotel, but probably not in the class of the Waikoloa resorts.

We'll have to see what sort of prices these properties now command.

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Hotwire Oakland-East Bay changes (Concord-Walnut Creek-Lafayette zone).

Per a search of Hotwire's vacation package Aug 11-13, the following changes in the Concord-Walnut Creek-Lafayette zone:

Crowne Plaza Concord - Downgraded 3.5 stars to 3 stars. Amenities are: Fitness, Restaurant, Pool, Business.

Embassy Suites Walnut Creek - Still 3 stars. Amenities are: Fitness, Restaurant, Pool, Business. Note: The suite, complimentary breakfast and kitchenette amenties no longer display (despite the hotel still has these features).

Although not yet reported, the Holiday Inn Concord is also 3 stars with Fitness, Restaurant, Pool & Business.

It's apparant Hotwire wanted to increase opacity when they altered the amenity displays for the Embassy Suites since all three properties are now identical. The "customer favorite" status of Embassy Suites is now the only likely distinction between the three. As a matter of personal opinion, changes like this make me leery of using Hotwire since Embassy Suites is far superior and more inclusive than Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn, yet they have chosen to rate them as identical. This makes for too much variance within the 3 star category to trust what you're going to get (or not get).

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Although we have no reported wins on the hotel list for 4 star category on Priceline in Napa, CA, a search today of three different dates (Aug, Sept, Oct) indicates Priceline no longer offers 4 stars in this zone.

This change provides an additional free rebid when bidding 4 star in the Santa Rosa zone.

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Per a search of Hotwire's Vacation Package 8/31-9/3, the 4.5 star Clift (San Francisco, USW zone) has been downgraded to 4 stars. Amenities remain: Restaurant, Fitness, Business.

Also in this zone (USW) the 4* Pan Pacific was recently purchased by Marriott and branded as a JW Marriott property.

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