Hotwire Hotel: 4.5* Park City (Canyons Village) Westgate Park City Resort & Spa

By casperslc,

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Hello again!  I am not sure if this is advice that you normally give but I figure I would try.  I am looking at staying in Park City, UT on September 3 for three nights.  I have used your links and the Reveal Hotels tab.  I found a 4.5 star condo in canyons area that Reveal Hotels says will be the Westgate Resort Park City.  That is great except... now I am confused.  The Westgate site lists these room types:   Luxury suite, Signature suite, Luxury 1 bedroom villa, Signature 1 bedroom villa, and Signature two bedroom villa. Hotwire lists: Luxury suite and a Signature villa, 2 bedrooms.


I am thinking the luxury suite is the same luxury suite on both sites.  But... Do you think Signature two bedroom villa is the same as Signature villa, 2 bedrooms?  If so, it is one incredible deal!  


Thank you so much!! Hope your summer is going great. 



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We are happy to help!  Obviously we don’t speak for HOTWIRE or the hotel, but these are my thoughts…


I would agree that this is most likely for the 2BR villa.  The hotel/Hotwire could always make the claim that it is for 2 rooms (ie- a suite with separate sleeping and living areas) and not necessarily 2 bedrooms as indicated in the room selection.  If this were the case I would think that you would have a very good argument for ‘not as described’ and be entitled to a refund (or Hotwire calling the hotel to see if they will honor that room type).


I would take a screenshot showing the room type during the checkout process.  From there, after you make the purchase, call the hotel to confirm the room type.  If any issue/discrepancy try to resolve with the person on the phone and if unsuccessful then give HOTWIRE a call to try to resolve.  

Hopefully all of the above will be a moot point with the hotel confirming that you have been assigned the 2BR villa, but if not I think you have a pretty good case for a refund with Hotwire.


The only caveat I will add is that I see at the Westgate website the 2BR accommodates up to 8 guests.  You can only search Hotwire for up to quad occupancy, so I wouldn’t necessarily expect to show up with 8 people (or more guests than you included in your Hotwire search), as that could give the hotel a loophole, or charge you extra at check-in, if they are trying to not honor the 2BR Villa room option.

That’s my 2 cents worth.😉


Thanks for using the board HOTWIRE links for your searches/purchases.


Good luck and let us know how it goes or how we can be of further help.

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It is the Westgate and I am pretty sure we are correct....  It is the two bedroom villa.   I got it at #167 per night + all the fees and such.


Hotwire receipt lists it as "Room: 1 room (2 king and 1 sofa bed) | 2 adults "  So, I think they mean one room is reserved with two king beds and one sofa bed.  I took pictures as you suggested and will call the property to confirm.  This is one wonderful deal if it is correct! 


Thank you for your help!

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Congratulations on your success... glad to see you got a great deal and it was the hotel (and room type) you were hoping for!

Thank you for using the HOTWIRE links on the board to begin your purchase and sharing your win, helping us add this new amenity set for this property to the Park City Hotwire Hotel List.

Enjoy your stay.

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