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  1. Hello my friends! I am looking at staying in Boston on October 22 for one night. I have been looking at your forum and at reveal hotels. I need a 24 hour airport shuttle or a rate so great that I don't worry about transportation. (I m thinking the shuttle is safer) On Hotwire... it looks like the Hampton Inn BOS Logan Airport, at 149 a night, is the best. On Priceline, I am not positive. The express deal of 167 for a 4 star could be great if it is the airport Hilton or Hyatt. The three star for 150 in Logan Chelsea may be ok. Some of the pricebreakers may be good too! I am pretty torn because I will only be at the property for a quick sleep and then be gone. So, it has to be clean, clean, shuttle, safe area, clean, and a great price! I am leaning towards the Hampton Inn... what do you think? Thanks! I hope you are having a great day!
  2. It is the Westgate and I am pretty sure we are correct.... It is the two bedroom villa. I got it at #167 per night + all the fees and such. Hotwire receipt lists it as "Room: 1 room (2 king and 1 sofa bed) | 2 adults " So, I think they mean one room is reserved with two king beds and one sofa bed. I took pictures as you suggested and will call the property to confirm. This is one wonderful deal if it is correct! Thank you for your help!
  3. Hello again! I am not sure if this is advice that you normally give but I figure I would try. I am looking at staying in Park City, UT on September 3 for three nights. I have used your links and the Reveal Hotels tab. I found a 4.5 star condo in canyons area that Reveal Hotels says will be the Westgate Resort Park City. That is great except... now I am confused. The Westgate site lists these room types: Luxury suite, Signature suite, Luxury 1 bedroom villa, Signature 1 bedroom villa, and Signature two bedroom villa. Hotwire lists: Luxury suite and a Signature villa, 2 bedrooms. I am thinking the luxury suite is the same luxury suite on both sites. But... Do you think Signature two bedroom villa is the same as Signature villa, 2 bedrooms? If so, it is one incredible deal! Thank you so much!! Hope your summer is going great.
  4. We went with the Atwood! $100 a night for a king bed. Thanks for your help! It is always appreciated.
  5. I looked at all these properties and the Uber/taxi cost from SAN and to/from Sea World and Mission Beach. Boy... Uber and hotels are making up for lost time in 2020. Anyway here are my thoughts.. The Atwood actually looks cool. If it was closer to the beach it would be perfect. I believe I just found it at 94 a night on Hotwire. That is great. I found Holiday Inn Express - Beach area at 115 Holiday Inn Express Old Towne is not out of the running I am leaning towards the Atwood or HIE-Beach but I am wondering if you have seen these properties pop up: Cosmopolitan Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn, and the Dana. Thank you!!
  6. Thank you. I am going to look into these properties and then get back to you. Map them and such. I sent two tests that worked just fine. The second test even brought up my message that I originally tried to send and sent it fine. Thanks!!!! :)
  7. Hello again! Please let me know if I submitted this in the wrong area. The site locked up on me when I tried to post under California I am once again looking for a fabulous hotel while on a budget. I am going to San Diego on August 18 - 21. I have stayed so many places, in San Diego, except for Mission Beach. I have been searching your sites (and using your links) for both Hotwire and Priceline. I think I am at the point where your knowledge will help me best. So... Mission beach area is great but way expensive. I can stay in the immediate area and take an Uber to Sea World and the boardwalk but I would like to be as close as possible. And... not too far from the airport. I know there is hotel circle and that may be ok but something more fab may also be lovely. If it was a perfect world I would pay $100-125 a night but that is probably way too low. Maybe 150 is a possibility? If it was 150 then a walk to the beach would kick it! Star levels are important but cleanliness and location are more important than amenities. Thanks in advance! :)
  8. Thanks! I actually used your Reveal Hotels tab and found the Boston Commonwealth. I got that at $82 a night! Thanks for your help! but...just an fyi... your coupon code is not valid
  9. Also.... I have used your sites and links trying to find Avid Hotel Revere. I can't find it. Do you know if it is a possibility on Priceline or Hotwire? Thanks Mate!
  10. Does that include the nasty resort fees that The Godfrey charges? I was hoping to save money the first two nights because I think the cape or beaches may be expensive - during the middle part of our trip. I don't mind taking the T into downtown the next day and one of my fav restaurants is in Saugus which is a quick Uber from BOS Logan properties. The extra $23 difference on the rate plus $25 in "urban" fee makes it higher than I was hoping for a night.
  11. Wow! Great rates. The Hotel Commonwealth is a great location because I hope to see a game. The Bostonion is also great. Godfrey was one of my top choices but I am getting a much higher rate... two nights with urban fees - 442. Thanks for your help!
  12. Thanks for the reply! We land just past midnight on the 26th. So, I figure we have to reserve the 25th. I would also like to stay one additional night in Boston, so we would stay the 26th too. Depart on the 27th. We are going to another location for a few days - I am not sure where as of now. Maybe the cape. Then we will be back in Boston for the 30th to the 2nd. I hope that answers your questions. Thanks!
  13. Hello again my friends, I am wanting to stay in Boston on June 30 to July 2nd. I would like a nice property that is around $100. I have found a few places around 150 but the hotel capacity seems low so I am wondering if I could do better. I am looking downtown, seaport, Fenway, anyplace but the outskirts. Any suggestions? So far, I found Seaport Hotel, CitizenM, the Godfrey, and The Revere. Godfrey looks great and they are at 150. I would still like to get similar at 100-125 if possible. Thanks! Casper
  14. Hello, I am looking at staying in Boston on June 25 and 26. I am flying in late so I would like a hotel with an airport shuttle or close so Uber is close. My arrival time is 0020. Currently I have the Boston Doubletree Bayside at $79 a night. Do you know of anything less or nicer? Thanks!
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