Priceline Express Deal hotel is not located in the advertised area

By krzysz,

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Here is the situation. I booked a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal that was promised to be located in Mid-Miami Beach. Once the booking was confirmed and the hotel was revealed, it turned out that it is located in Midtown Miami, so a completely different area, across Biscayne Bay. I contacted the Help Center; they even emailed me a pdf with a screenshot of what I saw while making the reservation, which clearly says Mid-Miami Beach. However, the agent insists that the hotel I got is located in the same area. I keep asking him to verify the non-opaque hotel list to see that it's in fact Midtown Miami. He replies that he did check it and this is the same area. After I talked to the agent for several minutes repeating the same information (he said that the reservation was non-refundable, cannot be changed, etc), I decided to stop the chat. I wonder if anyone of you has experienced anything similar. I am not sure how to ask them to compare maps and use some basic knowledge of geography - or even reading skills, to distinguish "Mid-Miami Beach" from "Midtown Miami". I was polite during the chat, but in the end I decided to stop. I suppose that if the website says "Your hotel will be located in Mid-Miami Beach Area," it is part of the contract. I asked the agent about what I should do in case I book a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal in Miami which in the end turns out to be located in New York.


I can provide more details about the hotel, but I don't want to mislead anyone in case Priceline bothers to correct the error. 

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Welcome back! 🙂


This rarely happens, but we have seen it before, and in almost all circumstances PRICELINE will rectify the situation, it will just take some legwork to get to the right person/department that is authorized to make the correction.


What hotel did you receive, what is the address that PRICELINE provides, and what are your dates of travel? (just to understand how quickly this needs to get resolved, as if your stay is in 2-3 days the urgency is quite different vs if your stay is in 2-3 months)

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