Priceline Hotel: Bidding advice for SeaTac hotel 8/25-27/19 4*

By indismay,

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Hi there!

Just a quick question: Has anyone ever gotten the Cedarbrook Lodge on NYOP? We have a backup hotel already booked and I have been using your bidding helper to see if there is a hotel that strikes my fancy at a better price than we presently have. However, I would love to be able to get the Cedarbrook for around $290 total for the 2 nights 8/25/19 - 8/27/19 by bidding. If not possible, I'm not going to spend more time at the bidding thing.

BTW: Love the way you have added the "what hotel is this?" on your BiddingHelper.com site.


Thanks in advance.

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Glad you like the "What Hotel is this?" feature, and if you like that, i'll bet that you will love this latest development even better...

RevealHotels.com :smile:



4* SeaTac Airport (SEA) (<-- CLICK HERE and confirm your dates on the landing page) for $165/nite with:
Pets Allowed
Airport Shuttle
Free Internet available
Free Internet
Fitness Center
==> Cedarbrook Lodge is my best guess for this one


Using the board's Priceline Coupon for an extra 5% off brings this down to just under $400 all-in... to expect an additional $100+ savings over this already discounted/opaque rate i don't think is very likely (unless yo get an extreme price drop in the 'regular' rate of the hotel as well).  To come in at $290 all-in you would need to have a bid price of about $120 accepted, and an additional 25% over and above the already discounted PRICELINE EXPRESS rate is usually a bit more than what we see bids accepted at.


How high have you bid already?


Thanks for using the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on the board.


PS- as well, if you're having trouble finding the priceline 'bidding' page, remember that we have set up BiddingForHotelRooms.com for easy access to the bidding page.


Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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Thanks! I thought the $290 was a bit ambitious, but wanted your input. 


I don't remember the bid I entered but the total with taxes and fees has come in around $290 and obviously it hasn't been accepted. Priceline has done a great job of hiding the NYOP link; It had been a while since doing any bidding and at first I thought they had done away with it.


I'll check out both those links you posted if we go with a Hotwire or Priceline hotel. My friend gets pretty good discounts through his work and there is an advantage to us having a cancelable reservation when pricing is comparable. 


Again, thank you for all you help. 

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