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  1. Thanks! I thought the $290 was a bit ambitious, but wanted your input. I don't remember the bid I entered but the total with taxes and fees has come in around $290 and obviously it hasn't been accepted. Priceline has done a great job of hiding the NYOP link; It had been a while since doing any bidding and at first I thought they had done away with it. I'll check out both those links you posted if we go with a Hotwire or Priceline hotel. My friend gets pretty good discounts through his work and there is an advantage to us having a cancelable reservation when pricing is comparable. Again, thank you for all you help.
  2. Hi there! Just a quick question: Has anyone ever gotten the Cedarbrook Lodge on NYOP? We have a backup hotel already booked and I have been using your bidding helper to see if there is a hotel that strikes my fancy at a better price than we presently have. However, I would love to be able to get the Cedarbrook for around $290 total for the 2 nights 8/25/19 - 8/27/19 by bidding. If not possible, I'm not going to spend more time at the bidding thing. BTW: Love the way you have added the "what hotel is this?" on your BiddingHelper.com site. Thanks in advance.
  3. In addition to the amenities mentioned in previous posts, priceline indicated there would be a $45.20 resort fee. Thank you for your help.
  4. Please help me Id this hotel: 3* Clearwater/St. Petersburg, FL Zone: Treasure Island Dec 31 - Jan 4 $89/night amenities: Business Center Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities I was thinking the Treasure Bay Resort and Marina, but I'm confused because it doesn't say "free breakfast." What's your thought? Thanks in advance.
  5. Just got the W Fort Lauderdale by bidding on PRICELINE for Feb 11. On the PRICELINE EXPRESS section there was a 4* hotel priced at $141 with these amenities Pets Allowed Business Center Restaurant Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities that I thought would be the W Fort Lauderdale. It had an 8 rating and showed a 26.50 resort fee. I decided to try bidding to see if I could get a better price. Started with $111 and added re-bid zones until I got to $125. My bid was accepted. Total for the hotel is $125 + 22.97 = $147.97 and 26.50 payable at hotel for a grand total of $174.47. I am happy with that considering the hotel was priced at $367 + taxes and fees for $434 total.
  6. We ended meeting up with a group that was staying at the Hilton Airport Miami because it was the path of least resistance. They had a group code that we used. Appreciate all your help. I always use your link when searching on HOTWIRE and PRICELINE
  7. Thanks for researching that hotel. I'm not sure that I would be interested in the Urbano as it is getting mixed reviews right now. Also, Urbano is $143 on tripadvisor. I guess I shouldn't go with a 3.5* if I bid (or 3* because they can upgrade, right?). I was just hoping to get a deal by bidding - if that is not possible, then will go other routes.
  8. The goal is the least expensive acceptable star rated hotel for Dec 2. Prefer the southern/brickell part of the zone. Desired star rating is 3* or higher If I can't get in my price range, then my backup plan is to book a hotel in the airport region using hotwire or the express pricing to hopefully have better control over which hotel I will get thank you!
  9. Sorry, I forgot about the other thread. I have updated it.
  10. Sorry, I forgot about this thread :( We ended up booking the Analucia directly with the hotel.
  11. I'm wanting to bid on a hotel in Miami for Dec 2, 2016 one night, 1 room, 2 people. I would prefer DT Brickle area, but would take South Beach or Coral Gables, plus open to suggestions. Would like to stay under $200 - realizing that it may be a pipe dream. Any help in bidding strategy is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks. The Courtyard Isla Verde was the only one that made sense to me. I'll let y'all know what we decide. :)
  13. oops, sorry, I should have known to post the info: July 26 - July 30. Thanks!!!
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