Priceline Hotel: Priceline/Hotwire Hotel : 5* Las Vegas (Strip NorthEast) The Venetian/The Palazzo Resort Hotel and Casino

By VeeDee,

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Hello all, and thanks in advance for your help 😉


Hoping for some insight on these PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal and/or HOTWIRE Hot Rate.


Aiming for The Venetian for 1 night : 09/03-09/04/2019.


Narrowed down the research and got what seems to be The Venetian ($88) on Priceline and choice of The Venitan ($87) or The Palazzo ($93) on Hotwire (confirmed by the RevealHotels.com tool)


Wondering :

1. Has anybody ever got a booking at The Venetian (through either Priceline Express Deal and/or Hotwire Hot Rate) and ended up in the Venezia Tower ? I am not a huge fan of this tower and would like to avoid it... I am afraid the Venetian would put lower booking rate customers like me (if I get it through Priceline or Hotwire rather than through The Venetian website) in this older tower... If I ever I get a bedroom in this tower, can I then ask the hotel to change it for a room in the main Venetian tower ?


2. Priceline Express Deal says "choice of bed" but unlike Hotwire Hot Rate, when I go through the booking process, it does not let me pick the bed size I want ?


3. Priceline Express Deal shows a $45 resort fee to be paid directly at the hotel while Hotwire Hot Rate shows a $51 resort fee : is this $45 + taxes ?


Thanks a lot for your help, especially on the Venezia Tower topic ! 🙂


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Welcome to BetterBidding!


I have book both the Venetian and the Palazzo multiple times with both PRICELINE and HOTWIRE.  Once i was assigned a room in the Venezia Tower (i assume this is the tower to the RIGHT of the front desk, where Bouchon is located?) and i was able to switch it by asking... if i recall correctly, they were actually at very high occupancy and switched me to a room at the Palazzo (i was given a choice to stick with the room assigned or go to the Palazzo).  Of course this is a 'your mileage may differ' as there are a lot of factors involved, most notably hotel occupancy levels, what is available at the time you check-in, mood of the front desk clerk, etc.  At the 5 star hotels you typically still receive great service and treated like any other customer, and given the rate this would appear to be a low occupancy nite so hopefully they will honor whatever request you have.


Sometimes PRICELINE EXPRESS shows a 'Bed Choice' when one isn't offered... what type of room configuration is it that you're hoping for?


The resort fee is approximate, sometimes it includes taxes and sometimes it does not, you will pay whatever the actual resort fee is at the hotel (regardless if there is a different in what PRICELINE EXPRESS is showing vs. HOTWIRE... it's going to be the same either way).  I was at the Palazzo in March and the fee at that time was $45 + taxes = $51.02


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Let us know what you decide and how it goes or how we can be of further help.



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