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  1. Hello all, and thanks in advance for your help 😉 Hoping for some insight on these PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal and/or HOTWIRE Hot Rate. Aiming for The Venetian for 1 night : 09/03-09/04/2019. Narrowed down the research and got what seems to be The Venetian ($88) on Priceline and choice of The Venitan ($87) or The Palazzo ($93) on Hotwire (confirmed by the RevealHotels.com tool) Wondering : 1. Has anybody ever got a booking at The Venetian (through either Priceline Express Deal and/or Hotwire Hot Rate) and ended up in the Venezia Tower ? I am not a huge fan of this tower and would like to avoid it... I am afraid the Venetian would put lower booking rate customers like me (if I get it through Priceline or Hotwire rather than through The Venetian website) in this older tower... If I ever I get a bedroom in this tower, can I then ask the hotel to change it for a room in the main Venetian tower ? 2. Priceline Express Deal says "choice of bed" but unlike Hotwire Hot Rate, when I go through the booking process, it does not let me pick the bed size I want ? 3. Priceline Express Deal shows a $45 resort fee to be paid directly at the hotel while Hotwire Hot Rate shows a $51 resort fee : is this $45 + taxes ? Thanks a lot for your help, especially on the Venezia Tower topic ! 🙂
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