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Same Hotwire hotel, varying amenities!

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By Nautica3,

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I've been travelling to West Des Moines weekly on business for the past 3 1/2 months. Have gotten to know the local hotels VERY well, and am getting some pretty good deals via both Priceline and Hotwire.

However, recently I've noticed that Hotwire is dropping some amenity listings from certain hotels in the area, even though the hotels in question still have those amenities. I know I mentioned this in the Iowa Hotwire message board, but I'm wondering if the issue is more widespread.

Case in point--the Clarion in West Des Moines/Clive is virtually ALWAYS available on H/W. It USED to be very easily recognizable, as it had several amenities: Pool, Fitness Center, Business Center, Airport Shuttle, Restaurant, Laundry Facilities, Close to Tennis. No other hotel in the area had anything near that many amenities listed, so it was easy to know which one the Clarion was.

Well, it turns out that I don't actually care for the Clarion all that much--it's older, I don't need half of those amenities, etc.... So I started avoiding it. Then one day, I saw a 2.5* in West Des Moines listing only Laundry and Fitness amenities. The price was right, but I couldn't figure out which hotel it was, since it didn't fit any of the standard local hotels I've come to recognize. Turns out it's the Clarion. The following week, H/W is again showing the Clarion w/ 7 amenities, but in the weeks since then, it's back to just a couple.

The Candlewood Suites out here seems to have the same varying amenities problem, although to a lesser degree, since they only occasionally lose their Kitchenette icon.

Needless to say, this has made me VERY wary of using Hotwire for any purchases!

Has anyone else noticed similar issues with any hotels/area they use frequently via H/W? Just curious.


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I've been watching beverly hills/century city for about a week now. The same thing with disappearing icons is happening there too, I think. I was all ready to buy today a 4.5* for early December, assuming it was either the Century Plaza or the Park Hyatt. Well, the spa icon disappeared so I'm not quite sure which hotel it is. The price is $2 higher. Hotwire lost a sale today if they are doing a disappearing icon trick. Any comments or suggestions? I plan to post this on the California message subject also.

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I called Hotwire and they said the hotels are in charge of the amenities they show. I then called Park Hyatt and found out they don't have a spa. I will probably try again on Hotwire tonight to buy.

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I haven't noticed the disappearing amenity thing, but I have noticed that hotwire prices sometimes fluctuate by a dollar or two for no reason. Like the computer can't quite get the pricing right!

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the price fluctation and the changing ammites is happening to increace our opacity most people wont complain about a dollar and wont complain if the room or hotel has more than they tell you.

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