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  1. Quick follow-up: Room was nice enough, and clean. Free breakfast was good, with scrambled eggs, sausage/Canadian bacon, waffles, home fries, plus all the typical other items. The room they gave me was facing I-70. The highway noise was PRETTY BAD. Luckily, I had a "White Noise" generator app on my Kindle, so that helped.
  2. Quick Trip up to Columbia for my son's Mizzou "Summer Welcome" session. Tried 3.5* only in UoM zone @ $50/night. Figured it would reject and was right. Then added 3* only in UoM zone @ $60/night. Also rejected. Added 3* Columbia Central zone @ $62/night. Accepted! Details: Residence Inn (at I-70 & US-63, north side of highway next to Hooters) - free hot Breakfast - free Internet/Wi-Fi - Indoor Pool - Full Kitchen - Suite - Evening Manager's reception (drinks/appetizers) It said I saved 55% off regular price. Avg Daily Rate for same property on shows $122/night, so I'm pleased. Yes, I used the PRICELINE links above! ;)
  3. Tried to book Cheyenne Mountain Resort (the only 4* on P/L listed in the Colorado Springs vicinity). Used your PRICELINE link. Timeframe is late July/early August for a week. Saw previous wins in the $55-60/night range both here and on another board. Tried for 2 rooms, since P/L only guarantees room for 2 adults per room, and my 2 kids are both teenagers, so we need the space. Submitted $60/night using 4* only for Col Spr South area. REJECTED. Added Col Spr Central for free rebid, tried $65/night. REJECTED. Added Col Spr Airport for free rebid, tried $70/night. REJECTED. Added Col Spr Air Force Academy for free rebid. Tried $75/night. REJECTED. Added Manitou Springs for free rebid. Tried $80/night. REJECTED. I guess I'm being too cheap, since those other wins were probably during Low Season, but I figured it was worth a shot. The Mrs. didn't want to wait several more days to try again, so I booked Cheyenne Mountain Resort via a deal instead. Oh well! Nautica3
  4. Was looking for something outside of downtown, but close to an El line for easy access to downtown. Targeted the Hilton Orrington based on reviews and thread listings here. Please note that although the Hilton Orrington has been listed as a 3.5* in the past, apparently P/L now considers it a 3*, lumping it in with 3 other hotels in the same area. Please update your Hotel list accordingly, thanks! :) Bid History $45/night for 3* in Chicago (Skokie-Niles-Evanston) area - REJECTED $50 free rebid S/N/E + Lincoln Park area (no 3* in it) - REJECTED $55 free rebid S/N/E + Hyde Park area (no 3* in it) - REJECTED $65 free rebid S/N/E + Franklin Park area (no 3* in it) - ACCEPTED! Summary Rooms: 1 Dates: 07/21/2011 - 07/23/2011 (2 nights) Offer Price: $ 65 Room Subtotal: $130 Taxes/Fees: $ 28.22 Total Charges: $158.22
  5. Keep in mind that the Red Lion DT Denver isn't actually in Downtown proper. It's across the highway, closer to the football stadium. If you don't have a car, you're going to need shuttle service or a cab to get to downtown proper--it's too far to walk it, IMO. Nautica
  6. Depends upon the city and dates, really. For example, just today I was checking costs for some potential new business travel, St. Louis to Minneapolis. Rental cars costs in MSP showed $16-18/day on Orbitz (Subcompact or Economy classes), but $25+/day on Hotwire! Then again, I did a bunch of such research last year when I was between jobs, and the variances in rental car costs by city were amazing! Some cities were quite cheap (~$15/day or even less), and some you couldn't find a single thing under $35/day! For cars, I always check Orbitz & Hotwire for the city I'm travelling to, and compare the results. Don't do H/W or P/L for airfare, as I always need to pick my flight times. Nautica
  7. This is a first for me. :) No, not staying at the Clarion. I've stayed there before via Hotwire (usually for higher $$). But this is the first time I've tried to book a 2* in the West Des Moines area and NOT gotten the Fairfield Inn! In fact, I'd come to associate 2* in West Des Moines exclusively w/ the Fairfield Inn, because they accepted bids so low that I figured no other place would touch them! :) :) Well, that's what I get for assuming, eh? I'm a little disappointed, because the Clarion doesn't offer free breakfast and they charge for local calls. And I sleep very well on Marriott beds. Oh well, it's just a reminder of the chance you take when booking w/ P/L! Was rejected on a prior $23/night bid, same criteria, just West Des Moines only. :o For the accepted bid, I added the Merle Hay area. It's not a "true" re-bid since there are 2.5* hotels in merle Hay area, but I figured it was a pseudo-rebid since it was highly unlikely that a 2.5* hotel would accept $25/night. Nautica :D
  8. I'd look at Residence Inn, Candlewood Suites, Summerfield Suites, and Homestead Suites, personally. Good Luck! Nautica
  9. Uncertain. The gig in Des Moines is up, and I'm looking for another job. Preferably I'd like to find something local to me in St. Louis, but the job market there still isn't the best, so I'm still looking at possible travel assignments as well. Have possibilities in Denver and KC, but nothing is definite yet. If I have to travel, I just really want to stay in the Midwest and be able to fly to my contract cities, as opposed to driving 6 hours each way like I've been doing for Des Moines. Nautica
  10. Was starting to get worried on this. Kept getting rejections, and then kept getting "Duplicate Request" errors even when I'd waited 72 hours (after exhausting my free rebids). Ended up at a hotel I haven't stayed at before. Will post review shortly. Before getting accepted, got the following rejections: 2.5*, WDM, $32 2.5*, WDM & DSM Airport, $35 2*, WDM, $23 2*, WDM & Urbandale/Merle Hay area, $25 3* WDM, $40 Got this one on the following submission: 2.5*, WDM & Urbandale/Merle Hay, $36 Guess maybe I need to either raise my offers or start with more lead time. Luckily, my travelling to Des Moines will be over in a month or so! Nautica
  11. Have noticed a slight upward trend on Des Moines area P/L and H/W prices lately. Before getting this one (which is $3 more than I usually need to bid), I got rejected on the following: 2.5*, WDM, $32 2.5*, WDM & DSM Airport, $35 2*, WDM, $23 2*, WDM & Urbandale/Merle Hay, $25 3*, WDM, $40 All of these (except the last) are rates I've submitted and had accepted many times previously. Even the H/W prices seem to be up around 10% or so over prior months. This isn't a one-shot thing. I've noticed it over the course of the past month or so, and there haven't been any truly large in-town events since the Iowa caucases. Still got a decent price, overall, but not as great as I'm used to. Call me spoiled! :) Laertes/Nautica/whatever my handle here is... (it's an Alzheimer's day!)
  12. Have stayed here several more times since last reported. For some reason, I find I sleep VERY well at the FF. I think it's their sheets and blankets...very soft! Anyway, additional notes: - 3rd floor is interior hallways, which means a slightly different (read: larger) layout. Hair dryers on 1st and 3rd floor rooms, but not 2nd floor. - They try to not put guests on the 2nd floor during the Winter. The exterior hallways tend to get slick, which is dangerous. - Can generally get this property for $23/night. Haven't been able to get accepted lower than that.
  13. Candlewood is currently showing the following icons: - Kitchenette - Fitness - Laundry
  14. Had to go w/ a Hotwire hotel this week, probably due to the Iowa caucases causing everything to book up. Posted that on the Hotwire board. Here are the non-winning bids I tried on P/L before giving up and going with H/W. All are for 1/18 - 1/23: 2.5* ----- $30/night - WDM area - Rejected $32/night - WDM & Airport areas - Rejected $32/night - WDM area (3 days later) - Rejected 2* --- $23/night - WDM area - Rejected $25/night - WDM & Urbandale areas - Rejected $25/night - WDM area (3 days later) - Rejected Normally at least ONE of these bids would be accepted. I assume it's all due to the politicos and media in town for the Iowa caucases. Oh well, no biggie. I'll soon see if it's back to normal, as I've gotta book a room for next week.
  15. Tried Priceline for my usual choices & rates, but no dice--probably due to the @#$*&! Iowa caucases! Anyway, saw $36/night listed on Hotwire, with icons for Kitchenette, Fitness Center, and Laundry facilities. Knew it was the Candlewood--the Kitchenette and lack of pool are the giveaways--and went ahead and booked it. A little more than I'm used to paying per night, but I'll probably save some $$ by hitting the HyVee and cooking for myself, so it's all good. Will post losing P/L bids on the appropriate board. Nautica3