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  1. I see that the most members ever on was today. That is very cool I have been here just a short while and I have seen the board grow. Which must be evidnet based on the server switch :)
  2. Forgive me if I am wrong but when I did the search for those dates I also saw two cust favs however they were not the same star rating one was a 4 Star and one was a 4 and a half star. Not sure if this helps.
  3. I was thinking more of something hotwire specific. Things that people could suggest to improve the Hotwire site.
  4. Well no official answer but the issue does apper to be fixed. I just did the search and the taxes and fees seem to be more inline with what they should be. Thanks for your help guys. Just a thought but you could start a fourm with suggestions to improve the site.
  5. I just couldn't leave this alone. There are three people that could read the reserch requests before they go to the research department. So one turns me down and I just happend to say something to another person on that team about doing a search. He did and found the results just as strange as we all did. So he put the request right through so... I wil keep you posted as to the final results of this.
  6. WT I happend to "find out" the hotel in question and I search our competitors and it is not listed as a $70 dollor room and the taxes and fees are not that high on thoses sites so I do belive that in this case as thereuare stated that this is indeed an error in our pricing script.
  7. Well I tried but I was cut off at the first level. The response I got was taxes and fee's very from area to area.
  8. I have put in a reasearch request to the powers that be and will keep you "posted" as to the results.
  9. We have had people call and ask if the high tax's and fee was a mistake. For example car rental's in PHX. Every time we have researched this we have found that it is just a very highly taxed area.
  10. I appoligze for the missunderstanding. You are correct our reserch team is not in on the weekends.
  11. At Hotwire they always honor the "DTD" just make sure that it is within 48 hours of the reservation.
  12. I am a member of many fourms and this just happens to be one of them. My name just happens to be my job title. As for my comments on this board they in know way represent the company that I work for, they are my opinions. If infact I ever left this job I would keep the same name. I happen to have information about the topic being discussed, for example if microsoft had an employee that was using message boards about computer operating systems, aslong as they were not disclosing anything that was not aviailble to the general public I see no recourse for them, and I see no reason that I have to ask any body to give my ideas. For that matter my calls are not scripted and I have the ability to take them in any direction I wish, so as to why my personal Message posts would be any concern to them is another story.
  13. I as well as my co-workers have mixed reviews on the site. While I just discoverd the site. I have been reading the posts and have found some misleading information. That is why I have dicided to join and add my opinions. Now I have seen a lot more negitive about priceline and having never used that site I can not speak for them, however I know that here we have a very high expectaion of our customer service reps, to provide a real service. Also I think that some of our features have resulted as a result of sites like this. For example varying the price and not showing some ammenitties. So while you help others get great deals the powers that be see that and do what they can to stop it.