Priceline Mid size in San Antonio, TX confused


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I love BB (and ALWAYS use your link). I need help again with a car. I need a mid size for SAT (SAn Antonio) from 10/17-10/24 (exactly a week. When I use BB and search PL Retail it says $114/with for either Dollar or Thrify. And with taxes ot says $205. If I divide the $14 by 7 I get $16.28/day. So I go to bid on PL and put in $15.00. It says I should raised to $17 but I stay at $15.00 and the calculation shows total of (ta da!) $205 . It shows that Thrify is at $115 and is not a Name Your Own Price partner.

All are shuttle to car


So, I have a CANCELABLE reservation with Thrifty at $205 total. I'd bid if I could save at least $20 for the week.  I ran #s if I bid $13. and that brings it to $186.81 (There are $95 in fees and taxes!). Is it worth my time to bid $13 for a non-cancellable rental? Or should I just stick with my cancelable one?


Thanks for guidance. 



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Just an update. I found a refundable reservation for the Dollar Rent A Car mid-size for 7 days and was able to get a confirmed total price of $176.11 including taxes. That's less than bidding on PL even at $13/day.   Any reason I should even consider PL? Appreciate your guidance.

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I would book that rate (as it is fully refundable), and assuming that your plans are firm, throw in a few lower bids every few days on PRICELINE as you have nothing to lose other than being told that your bid as been rejected.


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