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By hbunny,

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The Crowne Plaza was great - prime location (close to Disneyland), nice rooms and friendly staff. It's either a newer hotel or it just had some remodeling done (I'm guessing the latter) because the lobby was very nice. The hot tub was closed for refurbishment though.

The free shuttle to Disneyland is a huge plus - the shuttle runs every 30 minutes to and from the park. It was so easy for us to get there before Disneyland opened, return to the hotel after lunch, rest, have dinner and then head back to the park. Just remember that the shuttle also has pick-ups at other hotels, so the ride takes about 10-15 minutes.

Crowne Plaza offered free parking, which was terrific - the hotel just next door (I believe it was either the Hyatt or the Hilton) was charging $10/day for parking.

There are several restaurants conveniently located next door - Red Robin, Joe's Crab Shack and another popular chain whose name slips my mind right now. There is also a Target store across the street.

One downside is that they charged a $7 resort fee, per night per room. Not sure what that was about. Is that considered a reasonable amount?

Overall, this was a perfectly fine hotel for the deal that I got! I would consider going back to the Crowne Plaza.

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this hotel is right next to the Marriott Suites and Homewood Suites.

across the street one block closer to Disneyland is the Hyatt Regency, and another hotel (can't remember the name now).

these are the 4 hotels that share a shuttle with the Crowne Plaza. estimate about 2 to 3 minutes for each stop on the shuttle. it takes a while, but like i mentioned in the Hyatt thread, it's still faster than the 30 minute walk up Harbor Blvd.

Target and Walgreens are across the street, but they seem to close pretty early (certainly closed by the time you get back from the parks late at night).

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Basic hotel, nothing fancy. Was kind of noisy when I was there. My main complaint is that I got slapped with a "resort" fee of $9. No matter that the hotel looks everything but a resort, and that the Hyatt across the street is much nicer w/o the fee. Anyway, they said they can charge any fees they want. FYI, the fee is either for parking (which I didn't use, I was on business and took a cab), for business center (no use either), for shuttle to Disneyland (didn't go) or for some other reason they will make up (UNICEF or something). Whatever it is for, you won't know about it until you check out. Fortunately I was there for only one night.

They seemed so completely prepared to answer my questions that I am sure they must have tricked many customers before and this should end. Either on the side of priceline that should not include them among the 3* hotels for the area (there is a "resort" category for other cities, why not here?) or on the side of this hotel. Otherwise, it's an okay hotel. Seen better, seen worse.

So bottom line, just be prepared to pay the fee. If you're bidding in many zones or different star levels, take that into consideration when placing your bid. ALWAYS assume that you will have to pay another $10 for a 3* hotel in the "Disneyland area." This may lead you to consider other star levels or/and areas.

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We had such a nice time at this hotel. I was pleasantly surprised how nice it was. The room was clean and new, the bathroom was great and VERY large. Flat screened TV, comfortable bed. The cd with calming music and eye mask with aromatherapy were a nice touch. We really liked the shuttle. It was so much easier than parking at Disney. There were about 6 restaurants in the same parking lot so there were a lot of choices for food. I would stay here again. :) April

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Just returned from this hotel, after a 3-night stay for the sole purpose of visiting Disneyland. I was very impressed with the property - common spaces were very clean, front desk and concierge were helpful, and the room was quite nice. Yes, you will be hit with a $12/night resort fee, but it does include the following:

1. Shuttle service to Disneyland

2. Self-parking

3. Wireless internet access

4. Hotel-branded bottles of water (put those in your backpack and avoid paying $3/each at Disney)

5. Pool/fitness center

The shuttle service is VERY reliable - they run every 30 minutes. The shuttle is shared with the Sheraton and the Hyatt, and they will commonly operate several of them at any given time (so, there is always room). The use of the shuttle alone makes up for the resort fee, since a cab ride will run you around $10. The pool was fairly standard, a bit on the small side, but nothing to complain about.

As pointed out by others, sign up for the frequent guest program when you check in - you will receive 2 breakfast buffet coupons ($12.95 value each), 1 beverage coupon, and 1 coffee coupon.

Overall I was very happy with the property and would gladly return again.

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Stayed here July 1-5. Nice place. Won it on priceline for $44 a night. Upon check-in asked for a room with a refrigerator and she said it's an extra $10 a night. I said no that's okay. She said wait hold on let me check to see if I can move you to a higher floor and they had a room available that came with a complimentary refrigerator in the room, and their was no extra charge. Great I'll take the freebie upgrade. Otherwise in the other rooms they have a refrigerator and they use the honor bar system, meaning you touch and remove it, you just bought it. So if your thinking of just removing their stuff to be able to use the refrigerator, you will get charged for everything you remove. I know very discouraging. Got a room on the 8th floor (only 9 floors there). The entire floor was called the "quiet zone". No kids on that floor, no convention group parties, better beds called comfort sleep system, it's actually requested you keep your noise level to a minimum, housekeeping doesn't come to that floor before 10am either, a few other things I forgot and it's all posted on a placard when you walk off the elevator. I was actually near the elevator the 2nd room and I never had a problem with noise. So thanks to the desk manager who checked me in, I had a very enjoyable stay. Parking is $12 a day, called a resort fee. Includes other stuff like free internet access, shuttle to Disneyland. Never used it we always drove. They share their parking lot in the back with the Marriott Suites, and I believe the Sheraton, it's quiet large. I never had a problem with parking, there was always spots open, even when coming back late from Disneyland. You may have the furtherest one at times but still a spot. It's a couple minute walk. I've seen a number of people complain about how far it is. I didn't really see an issue. If your that lazy to walk then pay for valet parking where you drive right up to the lobby doors. Sorry can't comment on any of the restaurants, since I didn't use any of them. The pool looked small, but didn't use that either. Oh one tip, you may want to bring your own pillows. They gave you an abundance of pillows, I think I had like 4 or 5 pillows on my bed. But for me they were too hard and overstuffed, it made my neck hurt and couldn't sleep with it. Had to go across the street the next day to Target and buy a softer pillow. However they were great for propping yourself up in bed to watch tv. Overall I thought it was great, and for the cheap price I definitely wouldn't complain.

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Stayed here again Nov. 21-23, 2009. Again another win through Priceline @ $47.00 a night. Just wanted to add in a few changes. They now charge to upgrade rooms. When I previously stayed here over the summer, I got upgraded to the 8th floor which comes with a refrigrator in the room but now they charge you $10 a day for that. They also put a security charge of a $100 a night for the room. They have been having too many problems with people smoking in the rooms and breaking things in the room. I've stayed there a few times in a relatively short period of time so the night shift supervisor only charged a security of $50.00 a night. It comes back off your credit card when you check out, but it does put a hold on it during your stay. Hopefully that will change in the near future if people would quit smoking in the room and breaking things. I do understand why, but I don't like it. People need to treat things with respect and unfortunately they don't.

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Stayed here twice in 2010. $42 in February and $62 in October 12-14. Resort fee is now $12. Extremely happy with both stays. Parking is now all at the back of the hotel with valet service in the front and the few other stalls only 20 minute parking. A dollar store across the street was convenient. Had the breakfast buffet and it was excellent.

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Rated 3.5* by PL. One of the best values in the S Anaheim zone if you can get it, a good place for visitors to Disneyland. Resort fee $12 includes self parking 350 yds away from lobby, "free" wired internet (no wi-fi in rooms), Disney shuttle, "use of pool and jacuzzi." Valet parking $16/day. Bell service. Pool, jacuzzi. Meeting & banquet rooms, exercise room, business center 24H. Room service 6A-11P, reasonable for what it is+$4+20% if you are too lazy to walk a very few steps to a nearby restaurant. Most TV channels and PPV inop during our stay and hotel could not or would not fix. Front desk did not answer house phone, call the outside number. Guest laundry, Starbucks coffee store open in AM. Restaurant, lounge. Restaurants adj incl Cocos (coffee shop), Outback Steakhouse, Red Robin (burgers), Joe's Crab Shack. Target adj. Numerous shops, restaurants, Disneyland in immed vic. Coffeemaker; refrigerator; (empty) minibar. Safe. Work desk. Free house brand bottled water, also Fiji water $5. PL paid them $49 (disclosed on room bill).

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