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  1. Amenities include: Airport Shuttle, Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Kitchenette, High-Speed Internet Access, Business Center, Laundry Facilities (self-service) The total comes to USD$192.00 + $36.95 taxes = $228.95 I stayed at the Four Points Sheraton in Richmond, Vancouver last summer and loved it, but their prices were above USD $100/night for the weekend. Hotwire seemed to be a great choice. =)
  2. Got this on first try. (Did I offer too low? Rack rates are $79+) Your Offer Price: $40.00 Number of Rooms: 2 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $240.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $37.20 Total Charges: $277.20
  3. The Crowne Plaza was great - prime location (close to Disneyland), nice rooms and friendly staff. It's either a newer hotel or it just had some remodeling done (I'm guessing the latter) because the lobby was very nice. The hot tub was closed for refurbishment though. The free shuttle to Disneyland is a huge plus - the shuttle runs every 30 minutes to and from the park. It was so easy for us to get there before Disneyland opened, return to the hotel after lunch, rest, have dinner and then head back to the park. Just remember that the shuttle also has pick-ups at other hotels, so the ride takes about 10-15 minutes. Crowne Plaza offered free parking, which was terrific - the hotel just next door (I believe it was either the Hyatt or the Hilton) was charging $10/day for parking. There are several restaurants conveniently located next door - Red Robin, Joe's Crab Shack and another popular chain whose name slips my mind right now. There is also a Target store across the street. One downside is that they charged a $7 resort fee, per night per room. Not sure what that was about. Is that considered a reasonable amount? Overall, this was a perfectly fine hotel for the deal that I got! I would consider going back to the Crowne Plaza.
  4. To the thesqueegeekid - No, I did not try a similar bid on Priceline.com. Maybe I should have... but I'm happy with my deal. Thanks thereuare!
  5. On May 1st, I purchased 2 rooms for 2 nights at the 3* Crowne Plaza Resort in Anaheim-Garden Grove for $49/night per room. I thought that was a great deal considering it was 2 weeks away from my May 16th check-in. However, on May 4th I did the same search on Hotwire just because I was curious to see what rate it would offer - and Hotwire offered $40/night. Including tax, that's a difference of about $15/night. I was so dismayed that I stayed away for the rest of the week, but I gave in and did the same search today (May 12th). Seems that Hotwire is now offering $62/night. I'm not so dismayed anymore. I do realize that I am assuming that the $40/night and $62/night offers are for the Crowne Plaza. The area and amenities are the same, but I suppose there's always a chance that it could be a different hotel. So my question is, how far in advance should you purchase on Hotwire? For me, purchasing 15 days in ahead gave me a higher rate than if I waited 3 more days. Is there even a way to answer this question? Is this the correct question to be asking? Thanks in advance.
  6. I just did the same search and I believe the Crowne Plaza was offered for $40/night.
  7. Just booked two rooms for my upcoming Disneyland trip (5/16/2003 - 5/18/2003)! I wanted to stay in a 3* or more hotel with a business center, and close enough to Disneyland to either walk or have a courtesy shuttle provided. I got all of the above for $49/night! (My only complaint is that I wish Hotwire included the "free shuttle to Disneyland" amenity in its descriptioin of the hotel. I had to find out by *guessing* which hotel is was and going to the hotel's official website. See below.) I read an extremely helpful post here about Hotwire's packages section (which gives hotel names) and possibly matching them to the hotels in the hotel-only section using star level and amenities list. It worked! Thank you! 3* Crowne Plaza Resort Anaheim-Garden Grove offers the following amenities: - Restaurant(s) on-site - Pool(s) - Fitness Center - Business Center - Laundry From the packages section, I learned that it is 1.5 miles from Disneyland. From the hotel's actual website, I learned that it offers a free shuttle to Disneyland. I plan to write a reveiw of the hotel after my trip. I've already read the reviews on travel.yahoo.com and it got terrific reviews!
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