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  1. Sorry for the extremely late reply on this thread. I didn't book through HOTWIRE. Change of plans and trip was cancelled.
  2. I enjoyed the stay. The area was nice. The hotel was recently renovated, so rooms were nice. They use a new system for parking, where you need your room key to enter and exit the parking area, so don't forget your key. Elevators are pretty quick as well. I never really heard any airport noise. Except for the first night because we slept with the sliding door open, but even then the last plane we heard was a few minutes after midnight. Beds were really comfortable. It was directly off either the 405 or 55 freeways. It's probably about a 10 min drive to the Tustin area which had a really nice restaurant and mall area.
  3. It's a pretty nice Doubletree Hotel. I've stayed there about 4 times from winning bids on Priceline. It's just one of the further hotels from Disneyland in that zone. It's about a 10 minute drive to the M&F parking structure. But I've always enjoyed my stay there. Parking is $13 per night. If you have any requests I would call the hotel directly ahead of time. They do have their own shuttle to Disneyland, although I've never used it. Enjoy your stay.
  4. That particular Hyatt is pretty nice and they did a renovation about a couple years ago. Also their is a Starbucks in the lobby :) Enjoy your stay.
  5. Your welcome for the feedback and update on the hotel list. I believe they just finished a hotel renovation on the rooms so that's probably the reason why it would now come up as a 4 star property. Also my winning bid was for two rooms. Yes, you are correct in saying that it is definitely a huge savings over conventional rates and I keep trying to remind myself of that and not let the higher parking fee's bother me so much. Either way the group I'm going with is very happy about the winning bid I got us.
  6. A few things to consider is that your timing is still during "spring break" even though you would be at the tail end of it. Also their might be something going on at the Anaheim Convention Center and if that is the case then that will eat up more rooms. Did you check to see if hotels in the area are sold out? If that is the case, then few rooms would be sold to Priceline. Also if the hotels in the area are at their "numbers or quota" for the month, then they probably won't discount too many rooms. Those are just possibilities.
  7. Was trying to get a room in the Anaheim area but considering most hotels are sold out, I figured I would have to bid in an outer lying area. I chose Zone 3 which is the Costa Mesa/Irvine area. I've stayed out here once before and it's not too bad a drive to Disneyland, about 15 to 20 mins. Looking in hindsight I should've bid in the Fullerton/Brea area which is Zone 7 and a bit closer probably 10 to 15 mins from Disneyland. I did read some reviews on the few hotels in that area and people either complained about freeway noise or groups of people traveling, so then I wasn't so sure about that area. Anyway, with the winning I got, I'm now worried about airport noise, and I don't like the $16 a day parking fee's, YIKES! I thought the Anaheim area was bad with just about all hotels charging parking in that area. Tried for two days and compromised on area because like I said most rooms are sold out in the Anaheim area but thought I would give it a shot anyway. $54 Zone 6- Disneyland-Orange-Garden Grove denied re-bid $56 added Zone 1- Anaheim Hills denied re-bid $58 added Zone 9- Laguna Beach denied re-bid $60 added Zone 11- Santa Ana denied re-bid $62 added Zone 12- Seal Beach denied Waited 24 hours and tried again but willing to go to outer lying zone 3 which is Costa Mesa-Irvine. $46 Zone 6- counter offered right away with adding $12 a night for a total of $68 a night and new I was close so I declined and re-bid. re-bid $48 added Zone 1- denied re-bid $50 added Zone 9- denied re-bid $52 added Zone 11 accepted, finally. I got upgraded to 4 star Hilton which is nice but I don't like that it is right next to the airport. I also don't like the $16 a day parking fee's. Sorry but that is just ridiculous. I can accept the $10-12 a day but $16!!! really?? Talk about gouging people. Lessoned learned for me, is to stay in Fullerton area where it's a bit closer and no parking fee's. The whole point of using Priceline is to save on hotel costs, not to save on hotel cost and then the hotel turn around and make up for it by charging high parking fee's.
  8. Initial bid for this zone $40 and rejected but also counter offered me to add $11 for a total of $51 a night. So I rejected that since I knew I was in the ballpark. Rebid zone 1- Anaheim Hills at $43 and rejected Rebid zone 9- Laguna Beach at $45 and accepted I've stayed here a few times and it's further away from the park, but I can't complain about the price at 59% off. Well according to what Priceline said I got in the winning bid. The property is very nice and I enjoy the welcome cookies too! I figured, not bad on a last minute decision to go to Disneyland :D
  9. Interesting guess on your part because Crowne Plaza doesn't show smoke free as one of their amenities but Sheraton Garden Grove does and so does Red Lion. I'm guessing it's one of those two before guessing Crowne Plaza.
  10. Wanted to confirm which hotel you guys think this one is, searched with 2 adults, no children 3.5* Disneyland South 1/26/12-1/30/12 $68 per night $40.04 taxes & fees = $244.04 trip total amenities as follows: smoke free rooms fitness center pool restaurant business center laundry facilities (self-service) high-speed internet access this hotel charges a resort fee Recommended: In 90% of Hotwire customer reviews I took a guess of possibly the Red Lion??
  11. Didn't use Priceline to bid on car rental, change of plans so a rental wasn't needed.
  12. I've bid on hotels before through Priceline but not familiar with car rentals. How do I know if the airport rental will be in terminal or not? Or is that not a guarantee with bidding? Am I able to bid for specific pick up & drop off times like I can with dates? Sorry I did look for a thread to read up on for this basic info and couldn't find one on car rentals just hotel stuff. This is what I need can you suggest a strategy. Orange County Airport Compact car 1/26/12-1/30/12
  13. Winning bid $41.00 per night, 2 rooms, 3.5* property, 6 nights. $492.00 +taxes $80.76 Total $572.76 11/20/10 - 11/26/10 Doubletree Hotel Anaheim/Orange County 100 The City Drive Orange, CA 92868 714-634-4500 First bid 4*, zone 6, $40 + $4.17 (bonus cash rewards) rejected added 3.5*, zone 1, $32 + $4.17 (bonus cash rewards) rejected added zone 8, $34 + $4.17 (bonus cash rewards) rejected added zone 9, $36 + $4.17 (bonus cash rewards) rejected added zone 11, $38 + $4.17 (bonus cash rewards) rejected added zone 5. $41 + $4.17 (bonus cash rewards) ACCEPTED :) I stayed here a few months ago during the end of summer. I was leery at first but I turned out liking it. I requested a room with a fridge & microwave and they honored my requests. I'm hoping to get the same this time around as well. I know parking is $13 per day. Starbucks is also in the lobby which is a nice convenience.
  14. Winning bid $62.00 per night, 2 rooms, 4* property. +taxes $40.96 Total $288.96 11/18/10 - 11/20/10 Hilton Los Angeles North/ Glendale & Executive Meeting Center 100 West Glenoaks Blvd Glendale, California, USA, 91202 1-818-956-5466 First bid $50, 4 stars, zone 1- rejected added zone 2, $51- rejected added zone 3, $52- rejected added zone 5, $53- rejected added zone 6, $54- rejected added 3.5*, $55- rejected, but they counter offered me to add $15 a night and per room, :) I rejected that. Waited 24 hours. Bid $60, 4 stars, zone 1- rejected, but they again counter offered me to add $15 a night and per room, :) Of course I rejected again, I know better than to accept that. It usually means you are close within a buck or two. added 3.5*, $62.00 finally accepted! I've stayed here before, almost exactly a year ago. Parking is a little steep at $18.00 per day but I know that going in. I like the property and its close to Warner Bros studios which is where I want to go.
  15. I did book through PRICELINE for the 2 rooms and used the links. I will post my winning bid under the correct area. Thanks again for your guys help.