Priceline Hotel: 2.5* Baton Rouge (East) Amerisuites

By MichaelBei,

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Bid $49, counterbid offer of $61; instead rebid at $52 and $55, REJECTED both times.

Go to another location, add another dead zone (there are 3 opportunties for 2.5 star risk free rebids), bid $55 again, ACCEPTED.

My Priceline Twilight zone experience continues. :) :)

Did not save too much on this property (can get for about $70, so this is really only a $10 per night savings), but I am quite happy with getting this property next to the Mall of Louisiana. I also wanted to find out if Priceline is still playing games with me, and indeed they are. One of the reasons I use Priceline less and less now.


East Baton Rouge

6080 Bluebonnet

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809


Your Offer Price: $55.00

Number of Rooms: 1

Number of Nights: 2

Subtotal: $110.00

Taxes & Service Fees:


Total Charges: $133.07

Taxes are 13%, or a little over $14, therefore Priceline add on fee is about $9

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Only the East Baton Rouge zone has 2.5* I forgot to say that I bid for 2.5 star only. The other 3 zones have no higher than 2 star.

The bidding order was


EBR + Sherwood F

EBR + Port Allen


This happens to me all of the time on Priceline. Apparently I am the only one that Priceline treats this way - that is, they often reject my bid even when they have availability at the price I name.

The timing between bids was a few minutes.

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