Florida keys

By jmuls,

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I was wondering if there is a website that gives hotel occupancy rates  by month. I want to bike the keys and do not want to sleep in a cemetery LOL. I am not sure how far  I will bike a day so booking a hotel ahead would be OK but I was hoping to do it on the Fly. My apologies if this is way off the subject matter here .         Joe  

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I don't think there is any website that offers occupancy rates by the month, but generally speaking late August and most of September are kind of off season. It's so hot your tires might melt into the pavement though. Generally speaking, weekends are more expensive than the weekdays (Sunday-Thursday are cheaper). Holidays will increase occupancy, January up until early February is not too bad, but in Mid February through the spring it starts to get expensive. Biking is so dependent on good weather, you will have to keep an eye on the forecast, and book accordingly.

I would start with the links on the board and check out several dates using Hotels.com to gauge rates. Also, the number of zones on PRICELINE and HOTWIRE are limited and you may want to stop in a town that lies outside of a zone.

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