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  1. I tried to use the name your own price for saint pete beach florida. I bid 100 dollars and was told if I bid 142 I could get a room at a 4 star hotel. The priceline express deals had a 4 star for 125 so I bid again at 110 and again was told to bid 142, I have not used NYOP in a while and was wondering if they are fazing it out or what. Thanks and happy holidays Joe
  2. closing the thread, My girlfriend got her hands on the computer ( LOL) . She booked the Barcelo bavaro palace deluxe 4.5 stars for 250 ish. Hotline had it at 510. She got the golf included so I am not sure where that leaves us but the room was lisated without golf for 265ish on the barcelo website. I guess i have to play free golf which only cost 80 buck a round to rent clubs n cart LOL
  3. Hi, I am planning a trip to the DR from March 15 to 21st. I do not see any recent ( 2 years) wins on either priceline or hotwire. I am planning on bidding for a 5 star on priceline and see where it goes. I did find 3 different 5 star on hotwire and could use a hand identifying them to see if I am correct as a fail safe if the bidding dose not work 1 .5 star 361 $ Casino- fitness pool-restaurants- business center self laundry Free internet-n parking 2 5 star 425 $ air port shuttle- free food- free activities - pool- restaurant - self laundry Free internet n parking 3 5 star 369 $ Fitness- pools - restaurant - Golf n tennis Near by - free parking and internet All in Bavaro---- I am guessing the casino is the Ibreostar, and Paradisus is one or both of the others. the website for paradisus is tough to decipher but has a casino in one place as well i think. Thank for your help and happy travels
  4. Just booked for a convention this week , used the board PRICELINE links as always
  5. I apologize in advance if there is a answer here somewhere, I was in Cancun in 1983, lots have changed and the expansion up into riviera Maya. Any input on the demographics of the area . I would not mind a round of golf but nice beaches are more important as well as nightlife. Thx
  6. Bid one night at 115 accepted, was hoping not to get the doubletree. Bid the remaining nights at 110 and remained the hilton. There are a few reviews about mold and general lack of upkeep. I understand room is given at check in but can you reach out to the management or ? Used the PRICELINE links as always, Also wanted to rent a bike, saw 1 place on tripadviser. THX Joe
  7. the dates are the 3rd through the 9th arriving at midnight, I am going to bid 1 night in a 4 star see what I get, and go from there . seems a little odd that some places have a resort fee and some do not
  8. I believe it is very common and I appreciate the lesson. There is only one 5 star hotel listed , the vanderbuilt and a 5 star listed for 250 on priceline. It would be logical that they are the same ? Would you agree it is the vanderbuilt. I bid yesterday and quit at 195, they countered at 260 but I am guessing it will go in the low 200s The 4 stars are a bit dicey as some have you take a shuttle to the beach which is fine by me but the girl friend is not to keen on that, but a good value if I could get the stellaris I would buy it, but getting rid of the resort option has muddied the waters
  9. I see a few bids between 160 and 180 with a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal at 250 for a 5 star and there is only the vanderbuilt. I would be ok with those numbers but there are lots of zones so should be able to figure it out quick enough. Is there a time frame for priceline bids, I see no reason for them to give it to me 3 weeks out, I usually bid much closer and it is peak season
  10. just put a fare lock on san juan from march 3 to march 9 . I have seen the vanderbuilt at 160ish as a win, I also saw a 5 star on priceline express for 250 ( thinking same place ) 4 star is good as well, i will keep you posted as i start bidding. are there a lot of 5 stars there ?
  11. I have no firm dates, thinking in march 4 star, do not really care where, I was in Rio Mar at the westin( now something else ) 10 years ago. I did not love it or hate it but I am not a tourist so I may head back to aruba, or the Keys Thanks for the input
  12. I see a lot of good wins in San Juan, is it a nice beach area or more golf and business, thx Joe
  13. The Maps.hotels link is very interesting in deed. Are the prices listed rack rate or run by a discounter ?
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