Bellevue vs. Downtown Seattle

By epicureangirl,

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What amazes me though, is how Bellevue's Hyatt which is immaculate can be so cheap on weekends and downtown is triple the price. With the savings, you could take a limo ride downtown.

The above quote comes from an old post, but here's my 2 bits on Bellevue vs. Seattle.

I've been to Seattle more times than I can count but decided to stay in Bellevue one weekend because the Bellevue Club Hotel (which gets 5* reviews) had a fairly good price for a suite and I wanted to try this place out (which is supposed to be all-that). I had visited Bellevue in the past (gone to the mall there) but had not stayed the night.

I discovered that Bellevue is absolutely sleepy on the weekends/ The hotels restaurant wasn't even open on the Sunday night I was there. I went out to some fancy new Seafood restaurant for dinner, which definitely didn't compare to the restaurants in Seattle. After the meal I thought I'd try to find some place for a nice dessert and ended up at some Italian chain restaurant (not Olive Garden but close) because it's all that was open. They have a nice mall with Oilily and some other high-end shops but not much else to keep you there. It is a suburb, nothing against suburbs but it just doesn't have the 'buzz' of Seattle. I would probably choose to live there (nice and safe, beautiful homes) but not vacation at.

So what I'm really trying to say is that if you have a car and will drive into Seattle to spend the day there, and all your meals there as well -- you may find it worth the savings and be pleased. I personally wouldn't. A taxi back and forth would be quite pricey and I enjoy every single minute in Seattle. It's also a city where you really can walk everywhere and not need to rent a car. I'd rather drop the * level on my hotel and stay in Seattle if price is an issue.

I must say that I too experienced that same awe at seeing the Bellevue Hyatt's terrific weekend rates, especially when you compare it to the rates at the Hyatt Grand in Seattle. But I tell you, the Hyatt Grand is a hotel to be reckoned with -- it's simply amazing and worth the splurge.

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I have to completely agree with you ... In NYC for example, I always book friends or guests on the Jersey side for a quarter of the price .... and it totally ruins the experience. Just being able to walk at a spur of the moment on the street and than be able zip back up to your hotel rooms is worth the extra money. Midnight walks to a cafe .... or my fav getting some peanuts at 2:00am or hot dogs or a falafel in Grenwich Village .... man, I am starting to miss NYC (I go back in 2 days).

Plus, many times, you get ancy about hopping in the car to head downtown and just laze about in the burbs.

Thanks for commenting on this "epicureangirl"...!!!

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Hello, thesqueegeekid:

Have a great time in NYC -- I love it there. If you like seafood there's an awesome fish shop called Sable's -- they'll make you a sandwich from anything at their counter (lobster salad or smoked sturgeon perhaps) and it's pretty cheap. Well, cheap for NY, that is.

When I stayed there, I stayed at an Inn on City Island. It was just way too far from the City. I wish I had some good advice back then, other than a guidebook that made it sound like it was just a 20 minute train away.

I love the Village -- oh, and it's just the most perfect time of year to go too. Sitting out on the sidewalk cafe's in those small back-streets. Getting nostalgic... :)


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As a long time Bellevue resident, and hostess to many events on both sides of the floating bridges.. I have to slightly disagree.

I will say that if you plan to spend most of your waking moments in downtown Seattle, weren't interested in renting a car, or you're into the late night activities ...then yes, its probably a good idea to stay in the city.

The attraction of staying in Bellevue is not necessarily Bellevue itself. However, if parts of your trip are going to take you outside of the downtown and you're going to have a car anyway... then the cheaper prices for hotels, cheaper parking, and vicinity (without crossing a floating bridge) to many of the areas other attractions, make it a great base. 4 blocks from the Hyatt is the Transit center which will get you to or from downtown Seattle on a PRICELINE EXPRESS bus for $2.

Snoqualmie, the winery area in Woodinville .. including the Herbfarm restaurant, and Mt. Rainier are all more easily accessible from Bellevue.

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