Priceline Hotel: 2.5* Charlotte (Fort Mill - Carowinds) Comfort Inn Carowinds

By krlbrgmnn,

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Comfort Inn Carowinds

3725 Avenue Of The Carolinas

Fort Mill, SC 29708


Room Subtotal: US$ 43.00

Taxes & Fees: US$ 15.66 (36.4%)

Total Charged to Card: US$ 58.66

For this transaction, the amount you were charged relating to Taxes was US$5.82 (13.5%). The amount you were charged for Service Fees was US$9.84 (22.9%).


Comps: HW lowest 2.5* = $49/Ft Mill-Carowinds (probably same hotel); PRICELINE EXPRESS lowest 2.5* = $48/Ft Mill-Carowinds (this was the one I was going to buy if $44 failed next); hotel's website = $79 (46% PL discount)


Bid history: Failed about a dozen bids for 3.5* in CLT area (currently active zones = 14 of 16 total; zones 1 [bojangles Coliseum/Old Coliseum] & 5 [Charlotte West] are inactive/pending).  Failed another dozen for 3*.  Was about 1/2 way through CLT area list for 2.5* before hitting on this win.  I believe this is a new hotel on the PL list and also a new low for 2.5* in the CLT area.


I began my bidding using BB's links for Price.Line and for Hot.wire (pricing comps).  Please do the same.  Thank you.

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