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  1. Courtyard By Marriott Ocala 3 out of 5 star Hotel Check-in: Fri Dec 9, 2016 - After 04:00 PM Check-out: Sat Dec 10, 2016 - 12:00 PM Address: 3712 Sw 38th Avenue, Ocala , FL , United States Number of rooms: 1 room Room type: Room Assigned On Check-In Hotels may charge for additional guests. Summary of Charges / Receipt Total charged: $62.85 Purchase date:Dec 8, 2016 Payment method: Billing name: Offer price:$52.00/night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:1 night Room subtotal:$52.00 Taxes & fees:$10.85 Total charged today:$62.85 Total charged:$62.85 Prices are in USD Bid history: 1) in the Ocala zone, bid a "rounded up" 40% of the lowest area average price that PL reported for a 3* (i.e. allegedly $119), or $48; bid rejected with a counteroffer of +$10, or $58; I declined and continued to rebid; 2) added Ocala South, bid $50; rejected 3) added Silver Springs, bid $52; accepted Tip: I've seemed to notice that, if you add about 20-40% of the "gap" amount between your bid and the offer/suggested amount, you frequently "win" your bid at a much lower cost than would otherwise be suggested by the counteroffer that PL makes, thus typically saving about 60-80% of that gap amount. Comps: HOTWIRE - $70 for the only 3* in entire Ocala area (26% discount by comparison) Google: None except Marriott's own listing Hotel - $99 (47% discount) I began my bidding and price comparisons on BB from the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links. Please do the same for yours.
  2. Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore 3.5 out of 5 star Hotel Check-in: Sat Dec 10, 2016 - After 03:00 PM Check-out: Mon Dec 12, 2016 - 12:00 PM Address: 2225 North Lois Avenue, Tampa , FL , United States Room type: Room Assigned On Check-In **************************************************************** Comps: HW @ $70 (weekend special) coincidentally in same zone. However, since their Amenities included Laundry, its probably either the Doubletree or Holiday Inn per http://www.betterbidding.com/index.php?app=hotel_lists&tid=67 14% discount to HOTWIRE's best price for same in the Tampa Bay area PRICELINE's hotel listing @ cheapest price: $134.62 (55% discount by comparison) Google: $135 (actually the same PL listing above) Hilton's own: $139 (57% discount) I used BB to start my bids on PRICELINE and price checking comparisons with HOTWIRE. Please do the same.
  3. COMPS: Sheraton's/Starwood's own website starts @ $109, so this represents about a 38% discount on the base price. Note: This property is the former Crowne Plaza Tampa.
  4. Amenities: Free parking Free breakfast Free Internet Pet friendly Fitness center Pool(s) Self-service laundry Internet access Accessibility: Accessible bathroom Accessible parking $71.00 per night x 1 night x 1 room Hotel chooses bed type Taxes recovery charges + fees: $13.02 Trip total (USD): $84.02 COMPS Hotel's own website: $129+ PL: nothing even close; alleged 'median retail' for a 2.5* in Ocala zone = $151 BID HISTORY Bid up to $65 for 3* and $60 for 2.5* on PL before taking this HW offer. Please remember to start all your bidding via the HOT.WIRE and/or PRICELINE links on BB like I do. Thank you.
  5. Amenities: Free parking Pet friendly Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Tennis nearby Accessibility: Accessible for visually impaired Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Accessible parking Roll-in shower $68.00 per night x 4 nights x 1 room: $272.00 Hotel chooses bed type Taxes recovery charges + fees: $63.00 Hotwire total due today (USD) $335.00 No remotely comparable deals for this time period on PL in any areas around central Tampa. I even bid all the way up to $65/nt for 3.5* on PL, which I normally don't waste my time doing. Took this HW offer instead. Please remember to start all your bidding via the Hot.wire and PRICELINE links on BB like I do. Thank you.
  6. Comfort Inn Carowinds 3725 Avenue Of The Carolinas Fort Mill, SC 29708 Room Subtotal: US$ 43.00 Taxes & Fees: US$ 15.66 (36.4%) Total Charged to Card: US$ 58.66 For this transaction, the amount you were charged relating to Taxes was US$5.82 (13.5%). The amount you were charged for Service Fees was US$9.84 (22.9%). Comps: HW lowest 2.5* = $49/Ft Mill-Carowinds (probably same hotel); PRICELINE EXPRESS lowest 2.5* = $48/Ft Mill-Carowinds (this was the one I was going to buy if $44 failed next); hotel's website = $79 (46% PL discount) Bid history: Failed about a dozen bids for 3.5* in CLT area (currently active zones = 14 of 16 total; zones 1 [bojangles Coliseum/Old Coliseum] & 5 [Charlotte West] are inactive/pending). Failed another dozen for 3*. Was about 1/2 way through CLT area list for 2.5* before hitting on this win. I believe this is a new hotel on the PL list and also a new low for 2.5* in the CLT area. I began my bidding using BB's links for Price.Line and for Hot.wire (pricing comps). Please do the same. Thank you.
  7. Treasure Bay Hotel and Marina 11125 Gulf Boulevard Treasure Island,FL Comps: PL @ ~$75 at best w/ unknown locatio & this HW purchase was guaranteed to be on/near beach, based on map view, so I didn't even waste time bidding out on PL; hotel's own website @ $149; other discounters/websites @ $199 Amenities: Free Parking, Free Internet, Near Beach, Smoke Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Business Center, Self service laundry, Internet access This and all other bids or purchases I made today were begun from BB links to HOT.WIRE or PRICE.LINE. Please do the same for your own.
  8. Rosen Shingle Creek Intl. Drive South - Sea World 9939 Universal Blvd., Orlando, FL 32819 Bid history: Hit this on first bid. Not my best work. Comps: HW @ $84; hotel's own website @ $264; other discounters/sites @ $255 This and all other bids or purchases I made today were begun from BB links to Hot.Wire or Price.Line. Please do the same for your own.
  9. Jacksonville Southpoint - Butler Blvd 4700 Salisbury Road, Jacksonville, FL 32256 Bid history: Started @ $40 and rebid through all Jax sites available except one(!), before winning this on next to last possible bid for 3.5* target. Comps: HW @ $63; hotel's own website @ $87.20; lowest via other discounters/sites @ $85 This and all other bids or purchases I made today were begun from BB links to Hot.wire or Price.Line. Please do the same for your own.
  10. Courtyard By Marriott Butler Boulevard Jacksonville Southpoint - Butler Blvd 4670 Lenoir Ave South Jacksonville, FL 32216 PL claims 53% saved. Possibly a bit disappointing (not sure if this is a great rate for this holiday weekend or not), given recent histories in the last year of 3.5 and 3 stars in the Southpoint-Butler and Downtown beating this price as low as $42/$35. However, this is the lowest Jax 3* price going back nearly a year when the Aloft and Radisson in this same zone were beating this last April. Price comps for 3*: Hotel's own website's lowest rate = $89 (54% off); HW = $48 @ JAX Airport; Expedia Unpublished best rate = $70; PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals = $48 @ Downtown. Bid history: Started @ 3* for all applicable zones (6) except Yulee, leaving two addt'l rebid zones (Jax W; Jax Blount Is.). Re-bid $37, $39, and last Jax Blount @ $41 before getting a hit on this Courtyard in Butler Blvd area. I used BB's PRICELINE link to begin my bidding and BB's HOTWIRE link to crosscheck pricing before committing to a bid/purchase. Please do the same.
  11. South Point Hotel Casino Spa Las Vegas Airport (LAS) 9777 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89123 702-796-7111 http://www.southpointcasino.com Note: the above rate was my price; actual bid was $52 due to $5 bonus cash applied (today only offer of up to $35 bonus cash; adding +$5/nt to my bids) Bid history: Extremely long and varied, starting with a succession of about 17 5* bids that failed, $45-$70 (excl. $5 bonus cash/nt). Started in on 4*s then and failed couple bids starting from $45 in the Best Deal zones; then decided to try all remaining 4* zones available at once @ $47, since I've got plenty of time to continue trying, and won this. 4* price comps: Hotel's own website best rate: $84.75 (Super Saver); HW: $53/nt on West Side w/ only 75% customer recommend I used BB's Hotwire and PRICELINE links to begin my purchase/bidding. Please do the same.
  12. Cambria Suites Savannah Airport Savannah Airport (SAV) 50 Yvette Johnson Hagins Drive Savannah, GA 31408 Comps: HOTWIRE best 3* rate = $53; PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal = $49; hotel website = $109 Bid history: Failed through all rebids on 4* ($75-91) and 3.5* ($60-75). Stepped 3* bids @ $1 increments from $40, beginning with Airport zone, until hitting this. I am tentatively pleased, as I believe this is a brand new Cambria Suites, like the new one I recently stayed at in Roanoke, VA (win also posted on BB), which turned out a quite positive experience. Also, this is a new hotel to the Savannah, GA list. I began my bidding, as always, with BB's PRICELINE link. Please do the same.
  13. Crowne Plaza Hotel WILLIAMSBURG 6945 Pocahantas Trail, Williamsburg, VA, 23185 Amenities: Free Parking Indoor pool(s) Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities (self-service) Tennis Nearby Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower Comps: Best available rate on hotel's website for these two nights = $79 (above win is 20% discount); HOTWIRE claimed the pre-purchase "slashed" comp rate = $91 History: Tried bidding on 3* and 2.5* hotels via PRICELINE; all failed up through all rebids. Moved to HOTWIRE.
  14. Amenities: Free Parking Free Breakfast Free Internet Indoor pool(s) Pool(s) High-Speed Internet Access Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel Accessible bathroom Warning: This is definitely a "2*" hotel and lies closer to the 1* end of the spectrum. It is semi-clean, ultra-basic, no frills, 1970s/80s. It's the former Ramada apparently; the key cards even still indicate so, as to some places on the Net. The free "breakfast" was worth what it cost. The indoor pool's heating unit was malfunctioning and the hot tub was out of commission, we were warned at check-in. One person managing the entire hotel (low season) but was friendly/cordial/accommodating. If you want quiet, be sure to request a room on the backside facing away from the road, upper floor. No elevator though.
  15. Cambria Suites Roanoke 301 Reserve Avenue Roanoke, VA 24016 Comps: HW's best 3* = $58; hotel's own website best rate = $99 Bid history: started with 3.5* for four failed bids from $36 @ $2 increments; restarted bidding process with 3* @ North-Airpot @ $45 (to best my previous low in Roanoke of $46 by $1); failed. Re-bid $45 again by adding Tanglewood area and won this apparently new suites hotel. Looks pretty cool/modern and is currently ranked #1 out of 37 Roanoke hotel on TripAdvisor I began my bidding using BB's PRICELINE link. Please do the same.
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