Hotwire Hotel: 2.5* Southaven Southaven Inn Express Memphis International Airport/Graceland

By mtheeb,

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For the HOTWIRE property above, I believe there are more amenities then what you have posted above as HOTWIRE has a new interface that does not show the complete set of amenities unless you click thru a few extra links.

If you repeat your search using our BiddingHelper.com tool... use the HOTWIRE EASY VIEW tab and then click the GREEN BUTTON next to this listing, do you see more amenities then what you have listed above? Using this method, the following is the full list of amenities i'm seeing for this offer:

Free Parking

Complimentary Breakfast

Free Internet





Hi-Speed Internet

Blind Accessible

Deaf Accessible

Travel Accessible

Room Accessible

Bathroom Accessible

Handicapped Parking

Roll-in Shower

... if this is what you're seeing, my best guess for this one would be the Holiday Inn Express Southaven.

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Let us know how it goes or if we can be of further help.

PS- please follow-up your previous Hotwire Memphis thread with whatever you ended up doing for that trip. Thanks!

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Thanks for your help in advance. 




2 Rooms

45% savings

Indoor/Outdoor Pool

Free Internet

Free Parking

Fitness Center

8+ rating


I bid up to 55.00 as well, but didn't get anything.  Thought it might be the Holiday Inn Express you thought the Hot.wire might be, but it's not coming up as a 2.5 under PRICELINE.



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This listing has not yet been ID'd/reported to the board. The Southaven Inn Express, Comfort Suites Southaven, Hilton Garden Inn, Fairfield Inn and Hampton Inn all have these amenities. However, the Southaven Inn and Hampton Inn have ratings well below 8. I'd lean towards the Hilton Garden Inn and Fairfield Inn more likely out of the bunch.


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