Local Dining in San Juan

By thereuare,

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If you're looking for some inexpensive, local, casual cuisine in Puerto Rico, i did extensive research before my prior trip and really enjoyed my meal at La Casita Blanca which is in a neighborhood section of Santurce. They do a HUGE lunch business and reservations would likely be needed, but dinner is slow and no reservations would likely be necessary. On Sunday they're only open for a buffet brunch/lunch.

The place is very low key, but if you're looking for something 'more' (and more money) Ajili Mojili has a good reputation.

You can read my review of La Casita Blanca in THIS THREAD, which also has some pictures.

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Thanks! Will surely try out that restaurant- we are not renting a car there, but we are GREAT walkers! And I hate to eat hotel food when there are more interesting & almost alway less expensive options!

Any casinos in the area that you remember?

Thanks for the great board!


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I'm not exactly sure how you walk there as it's on "the other side" of a highway. As well, i was warned that the area surrounding the restaurant could get a little shady... we felt safe at all times but were advised not to go wondering off. We had the taxi drop us off and then asked the restaurant to call a taxi for us shortly before we were ready to leave. The taxi was fairly inexpensive.

If you like to walk you can actually walk to Old San Juan from the hotel, it's a bit of a hike but definately do-able for those that enjoy walking (the restaurant isn't in Old San Juan, it's in Santurci(?))

I think the nearest casino is at the Wyndham Condado Plaza, which is also probably walkable, but i don't know about the neighborhood between the two hotels.

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New to this website but Love Puerto Rico. Just got back from a short getaway trip while we were in Florida. My mom watched our kids and my wife and I hopped on a quick flight to the Wyndham Condado Plaza Hotel and Casino. While there for two short nights we asked the concierge where to go for dinner one night. He suggested a little Cuban/ Puerto Rican restaurant about a min or two walk from the hotel on the same street. It's called Ropa Viejo and it was awesome. Translates to Old Clothes but if you can get over that the food is great and very reasonable.

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i have been to PR 3 times and I have to say some of the best restaurants are as follows:

tantra in old san juan, they have the best martinis ever. I have never tasted anything so divine in my life.

La bombonera is a great spot for breakfast brunch. They have amazing puerto rican coffee and the best mallorcas.


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