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  1. just wanted to stay the Vdara is AWESOME! It's great, ther eis no casinos or crazy stuff, it's a chic and classy hotel without all the roudy 20 year olds. It's a good hotel for couples who are in their late 20s and early/late 30s. Thanks for this site and allowing me to experience a 5 star in Vegas at a reasonable cost considering Britney was in town. :-) The rooms are super swanky... and huge. They are all suites wtih a kitchen, dining room, living area. Loved this hotel.
  2. I was really hoping to win the Wynn or Venetian or Aria, but I got the Vdara.. which isn't bad at all. I started my bid at 100 but had to go up to 155. I believe it is because Britney Spears is in town that weekend. And I had success after 5 bids in a row. Thanks for continuing this site! :-) and I used the PRICELINE link provided to perform my bid.
  3. i'm so annoyed i won this hotel. it is so not a 4*. it looks so crappy. i really wanted something in the Champs Elysses zone and I added this Opera East area... 'assuming' all the 4 stars would be okay. I guess this is European standard. 115 - champs elysses - rejected 120 - latin quarter - rejected 125 - accepted is it just me or do you think this hotel is below a 4*. i hope its good.
  4. added 4* Buckhead, bid $70 - rejected added 4* Kennesaw bid $75 - WON Intercontinental Buckhead. 1/15 - 1/17 Kennesaw is a free zone!
  5. selected 'mayfair soho', 4*, 75 - rejected selected 'regents part', 4*, 85 - rejected selected 'kensington' , 4*, 90 - rejected. i reallllllllly wanted mayfair or regents, i knew i would win the holiday inn with kensington, so for the next round, i bid higher. selected mayfair-soho, 4*, 100 - rejected selected regents park, 4*, 110 - accepted. hilton metropole! I"M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  6. :) OK FINALLY I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grand Hyatt at $150. I've been trying religiously for 2 weeks and what made the difference is I used a different creditcard. I've been using my creditcards the past 2 weeks, I borrowed my friend's this time and it worked. I think Priceline remembers everything, not sure if i had to wait 72 hours to bid again, i was so impatient I tried almost everyday. I went thru savingsbarn.com Here's how i did it... MTW - $130 - rejected UM-CPark - $140 - rejected MTE - $145 - rejected MTS - $150 - WON Thank you!! I'm so happy, its going to be an awesome valentine's weekend!!!!!!!!!
  7. this is just a follow up to close this topic. i didn't end up bidding on this because i had a change of plan.
  8. hi i'm not following what you mean by 3x? 3 times? not following.
  9. hi.. i spaced out my bids by a couple days and tried again today - still nothing. i have used the bidding strategy you suggested. someone else won the hyatt at 140. i bid up to 155 and stopped. -n
  10. none of my bids accepted, i stopped trying at 145... started at 130 and added MTE, MTW, UM rejected. 135 - added TSQ rejected. 140 - added MTW rejected 145 added UPE rejected
  11. i have another question on PL technique. so the users bid, but what is going on in the background? does PL say "ok, i'm going to put a hotel out there for 140 - lets say "the benjamin" in MTE". now a bidder like me, if i put in MTE, MTW at 120. its rejected. if i put in MTE, MTW, TSQ at 130. rejected. if i go up to 140 with all the zones above and MTS, do i win?? if i am not winning any of the bids, then perhaps there are no available hotels in PL's queue. how does it work??
  12. Hi... I have a question, when you say "Select 4* MTE and MTW and MTS.... Bid $100 and so on... Should I select all 3 zones and then bid $100, then add another zone like TSQ. then bid $105. OR do u mean, bid $100 select MTE, then bid $105 and select MTW?? Please clarify. thanks again
  13. i'm flexible... i'll add UM_CPS location. I just thought it was too high up, but it is fine. anything at this point.
  14. oh and my max bid would be 150. i guess 155 if nothing else. but not more than that
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