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By djs,

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Has anyone used this option when renting a car from Hertz? I booked a car in MKE for p/u Feb 6, 2014 with a return on Feb 9, 2014. Four days total, and rates ranged all over the place ($16 per day for a Corolla up to $75 for a Maxima). Was offered "Manager's Choice" for $11 per day. Don't know what kind of car it will be, but it will acommodate anywhere from 4-7 passengers. Since it will be just me driving, this seemed like the way to go.

It is not a "pre-pay" rate, so can be cancelled without penlty if I want; it also is eligible for Gold Service. This rate is less than anything I saw on HOTWIRE, I did not try bidding on PRICELINE as I really don't think I can do better than what Hertz offered.

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I've never used this, but basically they will assign the vehicle at the time of pick-up based upon inventory that is on their lot at that time (and available for the period of your rental)

Based upon the other rates you have listed, this seems like a very good deal and should work for your needs, but i would expect the smallest vehicle in their fleet and anything above that would be a bonus upgrade.

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Most here usually book via the opaque providers and not directly, so there may not be that many experiences with this marketing offer, but this isn't an offer that i think you can rely to much on the experience of others as there are too many variables involved (how busy the rental location is, their 'usual' fleet of vehicles, what was returned on time, what is clean at the time of pick-up, etc, etc). If you do go with this option i would make sure the minimum car class is sufficient for your needs... anything larger would be a bonus.

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#HERTZ Manager's choice is a scam

It felt to me that the "Hertz manager's choice" was a SCAM and a TRAP!

I would recommend to stay away from it or at least to be aware of this risky practice.

Here the details:

1) When I made my reservation (location was Los Angeles Int'l Airport), I chose this option 'manager's choice'.

The rate was slightly above the lowest rate for a small compact car ("Ford Focus or similar").

2) So my reasoning was: "the least they will give me, will be that Ford Focus" - but by paying a bit extra, I might get something better!  :)

3) This reservation was made less than 24 hours prior to rent, so one would not assume large variations in price the next day.

4) So, wen I picked the 'manager's choice", I could strongly assumed to obtain at least a Ford Focus (or similar)

(Details: 4/5 Passengers;   1 Large Suitcase, 1 Small Suitcase)

5) However, the clerk at LAX Airport then informed me that he would have reserved a Fiat 500 for me.

NOTE: The clerk also informed me that the Fiat 500 indicates to have 0 (in words: "zero") space for a piece of luggage:angry:

6) The clerk then offered me to upgrade my car.


If you are interested to read SCAM PART NO. 2, please continue to read!

7) I went on and explained the situation and agreed that this car would seem a bit too tiny. Therefore, I asked him about this upgrade, assuming to pay a few extra dollars (maybe $5/day).

8) However, I was then asked to pay $30.00 extra per day (for a compact or an intermediate) for additional, on-site 'upgrade costs'.

9) Picture yourself: You have already taken the rental car bus from LAX to Hertz and you find yourself now at some remote place in the uncanny suburbs of LA.

Would you like to walk around in this neighborhood to another rental car agency?

Would you now go online and book from another company, take the bus back to LAX and then another bus to another company and so on?

Of course not - and this is how they trap you!  :(

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Welcome to BetterBidding!

If you haven't yet, it would be appreciated if you would read your messages.

While i an understand your frustrations, unless you can show a pattern of this happening, i would be cautious using the word 'scam' based upon your experience of one.

It's not clear how you booked this rental, but currently on the Hertz website they describe the Manager Special as:

Manager's Special 2/4 Door or similar

4/7 Passengers

2 Large Suitcases

A Automatic Transmission

Air Conditioning

If the car did not meet the above requirements it seems like it would have been very easy to work it out with the rental clear, the manager, or calling Hertz while at the location. Maybe the clerk was new and didn't know any better, maybe s/he was in a bad mood and taking it out on the customers, or trained by a rogue manager who was only focusing on the bottom line and trying to entice upgrades... either way, i suspect that going up the chain of command seems like it would have rectified the situation.

Hope your future travel experiences are better than this one turned out to be, but no matter if the situation is travel related or some other obstacle in life, if your requests are reasonable you can usually work something out by keeping your dispute calm and concise, and working your way up the corporate ladder.

Good luck.

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Dear Admin,


thank you for your reply. Based on your recommendations, I also checked my mailbox and will keep the offers in mind.


I also appreciate the attempt of de-escalating this issue and yes, nothing (or nobody) is perfect and I would certainly not claim this for myself neither! :-)


Let me just allow to add a few more details here:


- I am reporting of my experience, which I, in my subjective experience, perceived as a scam.

- I am warning others here, in order to NOT let this become a pattern.

- The car I was offered, did not match the description you found: There is no way two large suitcases fit in a FIAT 500.

- Regarding the clerk, who may have been unexperienced or who might have had a bad day: Fine.

But how am I supposed to differentiate between a poorly skilled clerk and a vicious scam, when all I can see is that I am the victim of this twist?

- Of course I contacted Hertz and made my case. After several written complaints with no replies, I called the agency, went through the notorious wait-line and offered to setlle the case if I was reimbursed for these extra charges. I was eventually offered a 20% refund of the ridiculous extra-charges (i.e. 20% from $30.00/day x 4). I replied that this was not really what I expected and after some back-and-forth was offered 25$ ('but no more'). I eventually accepted, without accepting to 'settle' this case (at least not in my mind!).

- Call me a querulant if you wish, or call me 'Monsieur Hauchecorne' like the guy in the book of Maupassant: It is not about the money at this point of time. However, I feel people who may book Hertz's 'manager's choice' should know that this may be a bad choice, ending up with a bad taste, just as Feeling scammed typically would!


So, I hope I made myself  a bit more clear.

I should probably rest my case here... and thanks for reading :-)

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