Want me to post past wins?

By Shameless,

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Well, I'm typically a much better contributor than you've seen proof of on this vb. However, the reset password button appeared to be way too much work for oh, I don't know... two years?

Anyway guys, over the last year, I've had a few wins. One recently in Toronto, one in Washington DC earlier this summer, a way better win in DC last summer, I think that's it. I can find most of them by email. Do you want me to post those? Not sure if it's still helpful.

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Ahh I'll go for my sister's airline bid too.

Jacksonville, FL - Buffalo, NY June 9th, 2012


Tuesday June 12th, 2012

One layover each way.

Airline Ticket Cost: $334.00

Airline Ticket Taxes & Fees: $43.20 Bonus: No Priceline Booking Fee

Number of Tickets: 1

Airline Ticket Shipping & Handling: $0.00 (Electronic Ticket)

Airfare Subtotal: $377.20

Total Trip Cost:

(All prices are in US dollars) $377.20

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Not sure if it's still helpful.

EVERY post is potentially helpful to somebody.

I often check reported hotel rates for up to a prior year to see if I can detect a low spot in the pattern.

Just having the hotel list more complete is useful for knowing the range of possibilities.

When bidding a more remote an/or unusual destination (small town in New Mexico or Istanbul) it is really nice to have even one other person for moral support and company.

Reviews with the betterbidding perspective of one's good price can have a different slant than those on tripadvisor.

The more detail in the posts, the better. Tips about transportation possibilities, nearby food and sights, ... just finding the hotel sometimes.

Even things a person tried that didn't work can be informative. Failed bid reporting can help one not waste time on lower bids.

There aren't a lot of successful airline bids, so reports of them are even more useful.

Reports are most useful when put in the right area. Nobody reads the entire site to find misplaced ones. The administrators do a tremendous job moving things to where they belong, but one can help them by getting posts at least in the right general state or area.

Posts are also most useful when done as timely as possible.

The button "Report Hotel Win" has made that reporting a lot easier and quicker.

I hope you do add your past wins, and then continue posting your future travel adventures. And your sister's, if you are her designated TA. Sounds like you have a nice variety of adventures to contribute.


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