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  1. I'd like to add other zones, MTE, ESB, MTW and follow the previous strategy. If that doesn't work then let's lower my star rating.
  2. Ok so our dates have changed with the hopes of lower prices. We're going to try 8/24-->8/27. Think our chances are better to rebid for the 4* for those dates unless you think the $150 is still not going to cut it?? I started looking at 3.5 star list of previous wins on both HOTWIRE / PRICELINE and think that we will still be comfortable if not. Let me know your thoughts, its a bit time-consuming to go through all of it if not worth it.
  3. There will be a lot less traffic coming into the city at Markham than coming from the west as well. Congrats on the win! If you do want to check out Chinatown, I usually park here 40 Larch St Toronto, ON M5T 1C9. It's safe, and I recommend walking up to Kensington market as well. Enjoy!
  4. Caribana is a pretty big deal here. Traffic is going to be a pain in the butt. I happened to be walking down Yonge street last year and there was several... pimped out cars. I seriously saw a Chevy Cavalier with lambo doors. If you're going to go for the airport, stay to the east airport if you can.
  5. I have the whole week off of work, so will check with my better half today and see if we want to switch our dates to a partial weekend. Trying to get in the NYS Fair so will update the thread tomorrow. Thanks so far!
  6. Airport and surrounding area is pretty much dead with the exception of a strip of restaurants. And it's not really accessible by Toronto's limited subway system. There is the GO train that can be accessed from as far as Burlington, but I don't know how the weekend schedules are like. As always, staying a little bit outside the city will take extra planning but it will save you $.
  7. Followed instructions exactly and you were right about coming up short. All rejected.
  8. Thanks. I would only like to bid up to my limit for the first 3 zones, and then add in another favorable zone if bids are rejected. I have a month, right? Round 1 1. Chelsea 2. SOHO 3. Hell's Kitchen
  9. If you're looking for asian fruit and that type of demographic I would suggest Markham as a backup to your desired location. In Markham there's North America's largest indoor asian mall so if you're in the market for asian fruits, Hello Kitty anything, cell phone cases, pirated movies, it's a good place to take in. If you are looking for a thrill, there's always Canada's Wonderland. Bring a cooler with drinks and sandwiches and leave it in your trunk. You can leave the park without leaving the parking lot. Otherwise it's $15 for a pop with free (hard to find) refills. Tickets are pricey, but make sure you tell them you're American. They won't ask. They sell Canadians more expensive passes that have a "second day redemption in same season" as a base ticket. If you do happen to go down to Chinatown off of Spadina Ave. make sure you venture into Kensington Market. There's good finds, interesting eats, usually buskers and some other entertainment.
  10. Dont stay near the airport. Parking isn't terrible for downtown, but most of it is metered. If you find a corner parking lot it's usually $20 parking for the day. I won the Thompson Hotel in Downtown South for $92 a night. You weren't able to stay in the budget bidding for Downtown South with Thereuare's PRICELINE bidding strategy???
  11. Cherry blossom time so rates everywhere were higher. I was impressed when I walked in, (lobby is large) and the Cucumber Mule drink in the lobby bar was delicious. The food is poor. Yes, I joined the Omni whatever club and got free WIFI. A word of advice, the walls are thin. If you suspect (we didn't, were out gallavanting) that there is a room of 4-6 people drinking next door and they sound like they're just getting STARTED at around 7pm... and 10pm no sign of turning in for the night? Make sure you ask for a room change early. At 4:30am, and the third call to the hotel desk a half hour apart each time... #1 you can abandon hope for getting a good night's rest and #2 you are not changing rooms when you're in your pajamas. The front desk thanked us for being understanding, and offered their empathy.
  12. Great hotel. Check out the Churchkey for a flight of beer if you get a chance.
  13. Wow. I must have been really tired when I answered that. Grammar and zone names together took a battering. Here's my list of descending list of desirability: 1. Chelsea 2. SOHO 3. Hell's Kitchen (These three I'm certain about) - Morningside Heights I could add in for a free rebid because there's no 4* hotel right? 4. Midtown East 5. Financial District 6. Midtown West 7. Central Park South 8. ESB
  14. Thanks for replying. ESB would be fine, less than ideal but fine as long as there are things to do. MTE isn't ideal either, but if that's my only options, I'm stuck right? I've got: Brooklyn Park South Hell's Kitchen Downtown Financial SOHO Downtown Esat Downtown West Your logic is sound. I will repost my wins. :P ha MTE MTW