Hotwire Hotel: Hotel in Port Canaveral

By Jeanneb,

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For Hotwire, try entering Cape Canaveral or Cocoa Beach. For Priceline, use Cocoa Beach (or Merritt Island) or Melbourne.

I believe there are a couple of Hiltons and Holiday Inns in the area, as well as some lower star-quality properties.

What types of features are you looking for?

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Hi Jeanneb - I visited the area a while back when I did some work for (the now defunct) Premier Cruise Lines, which had their offices right next to the ship embarkation area. I don't know if it comes up on PL or HW; however, the Radisson Resort is closest (a mile or two from the major intersection that leads to the terminal area). The hotels in Cocoa are just a 5-to-10 minute drive further away. And Orlando is about an hour away via the BeeLine Expressway (although I understand that you might not want to drive on your sailing day). The Hilton (listed by both HW and PL as a 3*)is along the beach in Cocoa and is quite nice. If time allows, visit RonJon's Surf Shop (open 24 hours)!

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I don't know if it comes up on PL or HW; however, the Radisson Resort is closest...

Good job, WDRR!

I wonder if the 3.5 * on Hotwire for $77 at Cocoa Beach-Cape Canaveral might be the very same Radisson Resort at the Port. It is listed as: Resort, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Tennis, Laundry. There are also several other properties that come up on Hotwire for this area.

I see that the Radisson also has a complimentary shuttle to the cruise terminal. Don't know for sure that this is the Hotwire property, but looks like a possibility. Also, don't know if it would appear through Priceline.

If I were going to bid this area (Cocoa Beach) on Priceline, I would probably start around $45 for a 3 star and add Merritt Island for a free rebid, if necessary. But of course that depends on dates and availability and personal preference!

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Thank you for all the info - I also think it is the Raddison for $77 because it is also listed as a resort.

I'm going to give this one a try - it has great reviews and is across the street from the cruise port.

Let us know how it goes! And if you do stay there, I want to hear about the parrots!!!

I loved this description from their web site:

The Radisson Parrots

We have been adopted by the iridescent green Radisson Parrots. We don't know where they came from or when they are checking out, but they've been here for about 5 years. And there are about a dozen of them, and growing. They make their home in the massive Canary Island Date Palm overlooking the Tiki Bar and large swimming pool. We can't promise that they will be here, since they are free to come and go, but with our lush tropical landscaping they know a good thing when they see it. They have burrowed homes in the center of the palm. We can replace the palm, the Radisson Parrots are irreplacable.

Stay in the lush tropical paradise, where the discriminating Radisson Parrots choose to stay.

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