Hotwire Hotel: 2.5* Breckenridge - Silverton Frisco hotel

By angelsteps51,

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This hotel is listed on HW for $85. I am trying to figure out which it might be. Here are the amenities. I did click on the links...hopefully I did that correctly.

2.5-star Hotel in Silverthorne - Frisco

This Hotel features the following amenities:

Free Parking

Free Breakfast

Free Internet


Indoor pool(s)

Smoke Free Rooms

Fitness Center


Business Center

Laundry Facilities (self-service)

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I can't get the same hotel to appear on my standard search for 2 adults. How many rooms/adults/children did you search for? Can you please run a new search and confirm that you still can see this hotel on your search.

I see a 3* $82 but I don't get any result for a 2.5*

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I would like a pricing strategy for a hotel for the dates of 8/7-8/10 (3 nights) in the Frisco area, or possible Breckenridge. We would prefer to stay under $100 if possible! Also, and I know you can't choose amenities, but we would really like a pool and so maybe I should shoot for 3-4 stars. Would love an input.

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Can you please further reply to your Dallas hotel thread clarifying if you booked direct (or if it was a PRICELINE or HOTWIRE purchase).

For this Colorado trip, did you want to first try for a 4* up to your $120 limit, then if rejected try for a 3.5*... OR is the goal the least expensive 3.5* or better for this trip?

Please clarify and we'll suggest a strategy for you to follow.

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...so maybe I should shoot for 3-4 stars.

I hadn't checked the star rating(s) myself yet... was only going by your original post.

Currently there are not any 3.5* hotels in the Dillon-Silverthorne-Frisco zone so if bidding 3.5* you'd be bidding for the Breckenridge zone only (but you can use Dillon/Sivlerthrone/Frisco as a re-bid zone).

I would start with:

Select 3.5* Breckenridge...

Bid $80, if rejected add Frisco...

Bid $85

If the above is rejected, repeat every 24 hours increasing your previous bids by $5 for the early bids and $3 for the later bids, as follows ($90/$95, $100/$105, $108/$110, $113/$115, $118/$120)

Any questions feel free to ask.

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Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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I found a 4* property in Beaver Creek for $128 per night plus resort fee. Dates are 8/7-8/10 of this year, 2 adults and 2 kids. I believe it is The Pines Lodge Rock Resort. However, the reviews for that property indicated kitchenettes, and these amenities do not. Also, the Pines is a 3.5 star and HW says this hotel is a 4 star, although I guess that is subjective.


Free Internet


Fitness Center



Golf Nearby

Accessible for the blind

Accessible path of travel

In-room accessibility

Accessible bathroom

Handicapped parking

Roll-in shower

Thank you!

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Thanks so much for the help. We decided to book a condo through an owner directly (did not use HW or PL) because I found a great deal, and most of the 'hotels' were condos anyway. I will use this site and your bidding tips to plan for another leg of our trip, in Colorado Springs. Thank you so much for your help.

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