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By acecatus,

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Hi, I'm new here and have never used Priceline. We want to go to Hawaii. I "tested" PL by putting in dates, etc., and my low-ball bid of $200. Of course, they said that was too low. Then, just for fun, I put in another low-ball bid of $250. I did not get the "bid too low" message. Does this mean I'd have a chance at getting $250? I'm not 100% sure of our dates yet, so that's why I didn't actually bid. Is that a good sign--that you don't get a "bid too low" message?

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I wouldn't rely on the "bid too low" message at all (unless you are putting in something really crazy, like say $1). I don't know about airfares, but lots of posters here with hotel rooms have had the experience of Priceline saying something like "bid too low" and then Priceline approving the low-ball bid anyway. Bottom line is - you can't rely on Priceline's messages at all.

Also with airfare, there are lots of perfectly acceptable ways to get lots of free rebids out of the process, so you don't have to worry that you have only a single chance to make your bid.

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