"Shop and Compare" - huh?

By zbenye,

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Would someone please enlighten me regarding Priceline's new "Shop and Compare" feature. Their TV ad (an insult to intelligence in itself; I'd be embarrassed for the actor but he makes millions so what does he care how low they stoop) presents this as some incredible, never before thought-of miracle. To me it looks like the same old concept that people have been living by for centuries and which is what any other website does - show you a list of products/services with prices/rates.

I must be missing something? Surely Priceline can't be thinking we're idiots?

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At this point it is another "me too" product.

In my opinion there is not a clear enough distinction between the two areas (opaque vs. shop and compare) and many users are getting confused and not understanding the difference between the two area of their website. The idea of cross-selling is a good one, but they need to make a better distinction between the two areas of their website... or they run the risk of alienating both sets of customers.

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Priceline is definitely alienating me with this silly shop and compare page as I am often directed to this site when all I want to do is start my bidding. Then, once I finally get over to the bidding page, and after two failed bids, I am directed back to the shop and compare site. I then must close my browser as there is no link to get back to the bidding site, then re-access the priceline site to commence bidding.

This has caused me to start using Hotwire as it saves me time and doesn't cause my blood pressure to rise :)

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