Hotwire Hotel: 2.5* Roanoke Amerisuites

By Cabet,

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Newly registered first-time posting, so please be gentle! I am interested in making a reservation for a hotel in Roanoke for arrival September 24 and departure September 27. I have successfully used both PL and HW in the past. When I search HW, two hotels come up. One, a two-star for $58 (with the tennis racquet amenity) I believe to be the Wyndham, which has fairly uniform bad reviews all over the Web. Is there anyone out there who could tell me if I have a chance of getting the Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center (a Doubletree) if I choose the 3-star for $77? The reason I think it may be Hotel Roanoke is that the amenities include a business center, and this may be the only hotel in the city with a business center. Your comments are appreciated.

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Thanks for the welcome and for your help, thereyouare

Amenities for the *** at $77 are: hotel, restaurant(s), pool(s), fitness center, business center

Amenities for the ** at $53 are: hotel, restaurants(s), pool(s), golf nearby, tennis nearby

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These hotels have not been identified, but here are some possibilities that fit each:




Holiday Inn

Doubletree (likley rated higher but still a possibility)



Country Inn and Suites

Days Inn

If not one of the above in each, it's probably 'of the equivalent' so you have an idea of the type of accomodations you will likley receive.

Let us know whatever you decide to do and/or if we can be of additional help.

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Thanks again. I'm thinking of abandoning the risk of not getting the Doubletree/Hotel Roanoke through Hotwire for $77 in favor of doing a PL 2.5* bid in hopes of getting Amerisuites or Marriott Courtyard. Hoping we're not "upgraded" to the Wyndham. Will post the outcome.

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As well, don't you think that other users could benefit from your Hotwire results? How about posting them along with the pertinent information (dates, zones, star ratings, hotel name, amenities shown before purchase, etc) in the corresponding state category on the board... all of this information can still be viewed by going to Hotwire and clicking the MY ACCOUNT link near the top right of their home page.

It would be good if you would add the details of your win here. Not just the hotel name.

"Sharing is caring" is the spirit of the board here.


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I'm sorry: Here's the info requested. We stayed at the 2.5* Amerisuites through Hotwire, Sept 23 2005 through Sept 25 2005. Two adults. We booked the Wyndham through their website for the additional night, as the Amerisuites had no availability.

Price Per Night: $95.00

No Of Nights: 2 night(s)

SubTotal: $190.00

Taxes and fees: $28.95

Hotel Subtotal: $218.95

Total Price: $218.95

Amenities: Suite, complimentary breakfast, pool, fitness center, business center

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