Priceline Hotel: I Don't Know the Town...Help?

By history100,

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I will be in Kansas City, MO next month, on my own dime. I don't mind staying downtown, by the airport, some other neighborhood, but I have never stayed in the town. Any tips on areas to avoid? Areas that are fine? I will be there 4 weeknights, have a car, and plan to do museums, historic sites, and BBQ. I am willing to drive so proximity to these things is not ctritical.

Of course I will use this Better Bidding site when I finally do make my reservations.

Thanks in advance.

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I prefer 3* or higher, and would do $90 If I had to but I would go 2 1/2* for a lower price if I *knew* the area was ok. In my regular hotel towns I know the area so I am safe playing with 2-3*; I know the areas so I bid with more confidence. If you or someone have tips on neighborhoods to avoid or neighborhoods that easy going, I would really appreciate the advice. This is for a trip in midJuly so I am just starting to gather my facts.

Thanks again!

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Please make thereuare happy by clicking those links.

I lived in Kansas City, KS for three years, so will run down at least my opinions of the neighborhoods with which I'm familiar.

The Country Club Plaza is a really nice area. Upscale shopping center, with many of the buildings modeled after towers and cathedrals of Europe (particularly Seville, Spain). Mosaics and murals. Charming.

Downtown Kansas City, MO is a little scruffy, and I think hard to navigate. However, the Hallmark Center is down there, and there are a number of other interesting places. Jazz clubs at night. A restaurant that delivers your order via an overhead model train configuration.

The airport is a LOOOONNNGGG was from anywhere, and the freeways to get there are tricky.

Lenexa, Overland Park, and Shawnee Mission are nice white collar middle class neighborhoods, and there are several museums in that general area.

The Sports Complex is just mainly the big stadiums and hotels that live on that business. Good deals when there aren't games though.

I can't think of anything meaningful about the other zones. You might look at the reviews in the Hotel Reviews area to see if people were particularly happy or unhappy with hotels in the areas. Taking them with the proverbial grain of salt. And of course there is www.tripadvisor.com for more reviews.

I'd suggest you mark a map with the museums and historical sites in which you are interested and see if that matches up or is close to some of the bidding zones. Or at least on the same side of town.

You pretty much can't get bad BBQ or fried chicken in the area. The weak places don't survive.

You don't mention your dates?


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GREAT insights - thanks! That is exactly what I needed. I have a much better sense of the areas and feel I can bid with more confidence. I just realized that my dates overlap with the All-Star game so that might explain why prices are high. I will be there 7/10-14. I will probably bid sooner rather than latter because I doubt that last minute prices will be a bargin around All-Star time. Thanks so much for this helpful overview. I WILL use the Better Bidding PRICELINE link. This forum is always a positive experience for me.

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We regularily stay in downtown and we love it. Typically pay about $60 through priceline and have gotten hotel Phillips and The Aladdin HI. We find lots to do downtown just by walking around. There's a fun rooftop bar called John's big deck. And of course the downtown farmers market is amazing.

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