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  1. Romelle, GREAT insights - thanks! That is exactly what I needed. I have a much better sense of the areas and feel I can bid with more confidence. I just realized that my dates overlap with the All-Star game so that might explain why prices are high. I will be there 7/10-14. I will probably bid sooner rather than latter because I doubt that last minute prices will be a bargin around All-Star time. Thanks so much for this helpful overview. I WILL use the Better Bidding PRICELINE link. This forum is always a positive experience for me.
  2. I prefer 3* or higher, and would do $90 If I had to but I would go 2 1/2* for a lower price if I *knew* the area was ok. In my regular hotel towns I know the area so I am safe playing with 2-3*; I know the areas so I bid with more confidence. If you or someone have tips on neighborhoods to avoid or neighborhoods that easy going, I would really appreciate the advice. This is for a trip in midJuly so I am just starting to gather my facts. Thanks again!
  3. I will be in Kansas City, MO next month, on my own dime. I don't mind staying downtown, by the airport, some other neighborhood, but I have never stayed in the town. Any tips on areas to avoid? Areas that are fine? I will be there 4 weeknights, have a car, and plan to do museums, historic sites, and BBQ. I am willing to drive so proximity to these things is not ctritical. Of course I will use this Better Bidding site when I finally do make my reservations. Thanks in advance.
  4. Most of the time it is great, at other times not so much. I have spent a month working on this bid, playing low, watching ads, gathering info, etc. I know that it is a smallish city so the deals are going to be few but I have stayed on Michigan Ave for half this amount so now paying $95 to stay in Peoria is less than satisfying. But it is still a lot cheaper than the conference hotel/rate, and I know I tried all the tricks before increasing the price high enough to get a nibble. Have been working this bid for about three weeks. 3-star hotel, started around $40, increasing at $5 until I hit
  5. I started at $65, increased the bid and added a few other bidding zones then finally got a hit. Used this PRICELINE link, of course. Thanks again!
  6. Using Better Bidding PRICELINE link: 1st bid 3 1/2* Minneapolis-St. Paul (Bloomington West-Mall of America) $41, failed was offered $49 instead added Fridley, bid $43 - success with Doubletree South Thanks to all the other bidders posting their Doubletree MOA wins, I knew this would happen and am 100% satisfied. I know the reviews on rooms are mixed but this is the perfect location and price for my stay at this time. Thanks!
  7. FYI regarding 4* Chicago (Loop) for those dates: Priceline is showing a special deal listed in the Last Minute Pricebreaker Deals section. This offer is only available for one more day. It offers a 4* hotel in the Chicago loop area for $67 with a stay required between Sept 26-Oct 10. I was tempted by this because I was looking for a hotel that fit the area/dates but I was too timid to pull the trigger. I am used to blind bidding in PL but have never tried one of the special deals. It may work for others, though.
  8. My second attempt to secure a reservation for these dates (see my failed bid posted yesterday). 1st bid 4* $95 NMich 2nd bid, 4* 95 added Millenium-Loop 3rd bid, 4* 100 added Franklin Park Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel One West Wacker Drive Chicago, IL 60601 312-372-7200 Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $100.00 (USD) Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Guests Per Room: 2 Number of Nights: 2 Room Subtotal: $200.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $39.66 (USD) Total Room Cost: $239.66 (USD) I am very happy with this deal because prices are running so high in Chicago right now. The hotel site
  9. I am looking for 4* or 3 1/2* in either NMA or Millenium Loop. I have noticed that the rates have been trending high and that seems true for my dates as well. I will keep trying. I used the Better Bidding PRICELINE link and will post any future activity. 1st bid 4* 70 NMA 2nd bid, 4* 75 added Millenium-Loop 3rd bid, 80 added 3 1/2* 4th bid, 85 added Franklin Park 5th bid; 90 added Midway North 6th bid; 95 added Hyde Park
  10. I need to change hotels for the last night of a 5 night stay. NMA would be great but also like some of the hotels in Loop area (some walking distance to Amtrak). I might have gotten the Hyatt at a lower rate but bid *backwards* this time. I am happy though. The Hyatt is reliable and always treats us well. Used the link in this forum as usual. Thanks again for all the good info and for the support. First bid 4*, NMA $80 rejected Second bid, 4* NMA AND added MPark-Loop-Grant Park, $85 accepted Hyatt Regency Chicago Millennium Park, Loop & Grant Park Area 151 East Wacker Drive Chi
  11. I got this hotel with my first and only bid of $65. Total for the purchase: 130.00 (2 nights x 65) 28.18 taxes and fees 158.18 total I don't know anything about the hotel but it is only 4 blocks from where I need to be and much less than conference hotel rate. I used the PRICELINE link on this site. Thanks again for your help!
  12. I have always wanted to stay here so I am very happy with this win. $75 was my first and only bid, limited to only the Downtown-Pike Place area. I appreciate being able to check out the various features on this forum (the calendar, the latest wins, etc); I am a much more confident bidder. I used the PRICELINE link. Thanks and see you next time!
  13. I was at the Knickerbocker in January and everything was fine. Everything seemed clean, quiet, and back to normal. I hope you have a great time!
  14. The room has the basic Embassy Suites layout - separate sitting area, bathroom, bedroom. The sitting area has stuffed chair and pull-out couch, tv, table, sink, microwave, coffee maker, and small fridge. Bedroom also has tv. You can close the door between the two rooms for total privacy. Bathroom is stocked with Bloom Energy bath products. Everything was clean, well-maintained. In-room internet access is $10/day, and not especially reliable. I had one day of service during my three-day stay, and the connection was dropped several times. I complained and was not charged for the service
  15. I agree with minnmedia - the Sheridan Midtown is probably the only 3*. If you *need* to be in that area for some reason, it might be ok, but if you don't need to be there I would stay in a different part of town. If you need to be by Abbott Northwestern you would be about 3 blocks away.
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